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That Thing Called Kontrata

It's kinda like hooking up with that hot guy you met at a party. You can tell by his insanely strained shirt that he's got abs of godly steel, but you don't really know if his personality matches that awesomeness.

It's kinda like taking on a dream-come-true project. One that promises an unfathomable amount of pogi points on your portfolio. Sounds perfect, but do you know if your client's enthusiasm to see this project through matches yours?

No on both counts. And this is why you never dive into a commitment unprotected.

For us freelancers, protection means a contract. A contract paints the deal in black and white with no stone left unturned. This is your bible of sorts. That thing you go back to when the waves of the project start getting rough. A 'legal' document that should be respected by both parties involved.

Obviously, items included in this very valuable piece of paperwork vary per job. But here are some of the more crucial fields you need to fill…

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