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That 3-Point Flexibility Talk

Extra late post.
You know I was invited as one of the speakers at Writer's Block Philippines' Creative Entrepreneurs Meet-Up, right? Aside from the fabulous food and coffee, I'll have you know that my talk went well. It was different, to be honest. Whenever I'm invited to speak, it's usually about advertising --which I have memorized by heart. This time, however, I was in on the engagement to talk about freelancing. Particularly, my journey from being a corporate manager to being RaketChick. It was personal. This wasn't just something I've memorized by heart, but something that my heart literally squeezed out in the last 7 years.

To get the show on the road, I had some seriously awesome slides that covered RaketChick's WHATDA? ANONG PETSA NA?! planner's core message: FLEXIBILITY. In a nutshell...

I talked about how every freelancer should be open to learning. Whether you started freelancing at the tender age of twenty or the old age of fifty, whethe…

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