Thursday, February 28, 2013


Let's end the month with another promo!
This time, it's personal.

Our little Bulalo Mismo just turned ONE!  Huge milestone.  What better way to celebrate than to give away logolized T-shirts!

Whaaat --at least we didn't put our address on it.

Because that info goes over here. :P

Check out our Bulalo Mismo Fanpage for our contact number and menu.
Nomnom and Japorm.  I'd go for that.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's a Beautiful Day for Writers.

When I was but a little, innocent munchkin of a Junior Copywriter, one client told me, "What is it with all these witty words?! Let's concentrate on the visuals!  Nobody reads copy anyway!"

It was a slap, a punch, an elbow drop to my heart. 

But being born stubborn made me doubt what he said.  And, Jeez, I didn't take up this frikkin' craft for years just to be told I'm sitting in the sidelines.

Anyhoo, here's an old ad that I've kept in my Macbook for those days when I want to be reminded that THAT client was so, so wrong.  And that THAT is why he's now having issues with his marriage.  Lol!  I'm kidding!

So much like before, I never doubted the power of words.  But this material is a good thing to revisit when you need that extra push to kill writer's block or even career frustration.  Or just when you feel like giving yourself that well-deserved pat on the back for an awesome TV script or an impressive ear ad headline.

It's an inspiration.  So much like everything you write for everyone else to read in this world.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Start the year right with (The Freelancer Edition)

When you're online for like 22 hours a day like I am, then your go-to info guy must be Google.  Your party gang must be Facebook.  And your shopping buddy must be is every bargain hunter's best friend.  It's that kind of pal that takes you hand in hand to the best deals in shopping history.  In fact, there is no one I would rather spend the start of the year with.

Starting the year right, my personal theme is UPGRADE.  So I have my level-up must-haves for 2013 right here.  All care of my shop-'til-you-drop wingman,  Round 'em up!

Apple Macbook Pro 15 Quad Core 17 4Gb Ddr3 500Gb ATI Gddr5 Vram
aka, a more decent Macbook than the one I'm using now.  In my line of work, you have to keep up with the techie Joneses, specially if you need a machine that's as hardworking as you.  Plus, P15,000.00 saved is not bad!

Kate Spade Laptop Bag
You match class with class, of course.  If and when I need to work during conferences, I can't carry my awesome Macbook Pro 15 Quad Core yadda-yadda in a sack, can I?  Oh, and Kate Spade under P10k?  Pinch me!

Apple iPad 3
Yup, guilty as charged, I have yet to join the iPad generation.  And to think that I have always wanted/needed one for my Keynote presentations.  Problem solved! 

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT N7105
I'll need to check emails even when I'm doing the groceries, walking the dog, and brushing my teeth.  Ok, I can do that with any other Smart Phone.  But the Galaxy Note is niftier.  Makes me look like a successful freelancer.  Ha!

Sol Republic V8 Sound Engine Headphones
I'm a music maniac.  You'll never find me without an appropriate ear candy attachment while waiting for a meeting to go underway.  Aaand... some clients do take long to powder their noses. :P  Brand new headies and earies coming up!

Nikon Zoom Lens
Other than music, my other love would be pictures.  I use my husband's Nikon DSLR more often than he does.  He's perfectly fine with that as long as I heed the camera's longing for a zoom lens partner.  Ok, ok, fine.

Nintendo DS Lite
Is it bad parenting that I bring my kids to my client meetings sometimes?  Well, if it can't be helped, I'll need something to entertain them with. A sleek and handsome, lovingly discounted Nintendo DS should do the trick.

Ugg Boots
This has always been my problem.  Comfortable boots during TV shoots.  Ugg will answer to that comfort.  Ugg will gladly answer for the adorable factor, too.  Well, leave it to to have winter boots.  Wow!

Razi Boots
On that note, I'll also need a formal pair for my more corporate affairs.  Teehee.

Wii U
At the end of the day, freelancing is all about having more time with your family.  What better way to spend quality time with the brood than by completely geeking it out!  My boys (husband included) will love the new Wii U!  I can see us hanging out (and beating each other senseless, I might add) for hours with this.

Ooooh, my 2013 Upgrade Scheme is looking gooooood! 

And it gets better.  You (yes, YOU --the guy reading my blog right now) can get in on this fun shopping escapade.
Right in the comment box below, make your own list of 10 2013 must-haves from --AND you might just win P10,000.00 at's raffle!  You have until March 5, 2013 to get a chance to be P10,000.00 richer.  How mind-blowingly cool is that!

Comment Sample
Along with your list of items, include the links to their ads.  Oh, and include your full name, Facebook profile URL or Twitter ID, too.  That's how we can give you your moolah.  Yeah, baby!

Go to's website, Facebook fanpage, and Twitter account now!  And start your year right.  Believe me, this shopping friendship is so sulit. :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

That's me and I'm free.

Today's words of kickass wisdom is brought to you by Robert Stack and my good friend, Betchay.

This sums it all up.  This is the whole reason why you left the rat race.  This is your personal battlecry.  The mission-vision statement you have etched in your well-oiled and sometimes overly exhausted brain.  Sure, you still aim for top rung... but only because you know that's where you belong.  Not to prove to your peers that you do, but to prove to yourself.

Raketistas, if there's one thing that should grace our mantel or our group T-shirts, this is it.  But hey... let's not go there.

Having said that, I will have to admit that sometimes I still do compete.  But only because some people just make it so darn easy.  LOL!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Raketista's Honor

Is there honor among freelancers?  Of course, there is!  We have an unprinted Bible filled with unspoken commandments to help us co-exist without scratching each others' eyes out.

And now... for the first time in Raketista history, I'm writing them down!  Brace thyselves...

Have some dignity, man!  When self-selling, use your own portfolio.  If you don't have one, build one.  Reel-stealing, no matter how tempting, is just so uncool.

Ever heard of originality?  It's what gets you business.  If you have a knack for rehashing, copy/pasting, or re-editing a colleague's idea, you're an embarrassment to the underground industry.

The big NO-NO!  When a co-freelancer introduces you to her client, that isn't an invitation to be a snake in the grass.  If you want a slice of the pie, ask your friend to recommend you.  Simple.

Do not kick someone down to get ahead.  That's just rude.  When you badmouth a co-freelancer, that only tells the client that you're not a good person to partner with.  Touche!

When you are recommended by a co-freelancer to a client, please... do a good job.  Spazzing in the middle of a project is disrespectful.  It's not just your name on the line, you know.

In a freelance collab, never openly blame a partner for a f*ck up.  If you're the lead in this set-up, command responsibility.  Fixing a problem than flogging a person earns more brownie points.

Unless you have an awesome talent for learning new things at neck-breaking speed, never promise a co-freelancer that you can take on something you know nothing about.  Why not?  Hmm...

If you can't share business, say so.  If a collab project gets shelved, say so.  Be straight.  Making a freelancer wait for nothing is mean and cold-hearted.  We all have bills to pay.

Aww... you feel bad because your freelance art director decided to board another colleague's TV script?  Honey, it's freelancing.  You don't own anyone.  Get over it.

In another collab scenario you lead, never overpad a co-freelancer's fee to get a hefty commission, nor use your co-freelancer's creative payment for quick shopping.  Remember karmaaaa...

Whew!  That was tiring.  No wonder this list was never written!
I'm sure I missed more but let's put those off for another post.  In the meantime, let these serve as mere guidelines.  After all, even without a list of rules, common decency is still among us Raketistas, yes?