Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Shine, PINAY.COM, Shine!

Scroll down for a bit.
See that sparkly badge down there? The one that says PINAY with a lovely flower-star icon?
Okay, you can't really miss it since it's the only splash of colour and light in this otherwise bleak, monochromatic blog.

But lending shine to my layout isn't the sole purpose of that little emblem. It tells you people that I am a Filipina, and that I am a member of, and an author at, Pinay.com.

Dubbed as a place online where Filipinas everywhere shine, Pinay.com holds a special place in my heart since I've been around as its Creative and Marketing Consultant pre-launch. And after months of preparation, Pinay.com spread its wings to the public last Sunday.

I'm sure you're saying, "Oh, no! Not another one of those feminism / women empowerment / girl power shit!" Well, it's that, and more. Pinay.com is specifically for the Filipina who makes a name for herself because she embraces who she is. She basks in her inner light and exudes that light for everyone around her to enjoy its warmth. Pinay.com isn't walking around with an angry placard. It's fun! As fun as its founder, Perla Daly, whom I've worked with and laughed with all throughout planning. The whole team is a fun bunch!

Pinay.com is a gold mine for inspirational tidbits, a home for regular Filipinas to get recognised for shining through in whatever they do, wherever they are. If you're a member, your blog gets the limelight, too. All these were shared at the launch, including how Pinay.com plans to shine forward as a community that helps less fortunate Filipinas lead brighter lives.

But what really got me absolutely pumped last Sunday… was THIS! Eeek! This was my brainchild!

There are more Pinay.com goodies that you can purchase from here and here.

Oh, and since the launch was at Max's Restaurant, I got severely pumped on these, too.

Pinay.com. If you're a Filipina, this is where you belong. Be a member. Share your story. Learn from other Filipinas' stories. And lead a life of love, pride, success, and sparkles.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Social Networking Site Hiatus

I was MIA last May and June. I just thought I'd explain why.
One, I've been busy.
Two, I've been busier.
And Three, I decided to take a break from anything and everything that has to do with cyber social networking.

So that meant, I turned my back on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Blogger. It was time for me to go back to my roots which is… stressing myself out with project-doing and project-hunting without the aid of any form of technological distraction.

Okay, that's a half-truth. I also did find a new distraction online. Fiction writing. It took me away --like far, far away-- from the craziness of reality. And rewarded me with full-blown accomplishment and reader gratification. I get turned on by the simplest things.
But I digress.

The break also allowed me to meet people. New business partners, new clients, new friends. People I'd want to establish face-to-face relationships with as opposed to the typical anonymous lot who I find myself clashing with online. I went back to true blue networking at its rawest form.

Anyway, the hiatus is obviously over since, well, I'm here again. Because like any modern man, I cannot survive without online, impersonal connections with folks named BloodClot1456, HamsterGod, or Anonymiss. Social networking with strangers is the new form of dodge ball which we've all come to love after all.

You should try your own Social Networking Site Hiatus sometime. You know, just to see if you can live through it. I lasted two months, which I thought was a huge feat. Challenge yourself.
Now, leave me be so I can bitch about my life online as if anyone actually cares.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How Ranting on Facebook and Twitter Backfires

Karma on the internet is served at 95.5 megabits per second. That instant. Thanks to the magic that is Social Media and its reckless usage thereof.  In fact, if you’re not careful, the simple act of ranting online can be akin to online suicide. How so? Please refer to the diagram below.

It all starts with…
One perk when getting a Facebook and/or Twitter account is the anonymity that comes with it. You grow a massive pair of balls when you hide behind a username. But it’s a 2-way street. If you’re brave enough to rant on a public figure/entity/event/issue, someone hiding behind another username is bound to be brave enough to rant back at you. Be reminded that your opinion is not always the opinion of the public.

And when I say’public’, I mean the World Wide Web Public. When you rant on Facebook or Twitter, you rant to the world. Powered by that amazing little ditty called ‘going viral’. Your rant can get shared, reposted, reblogged. Oh, and when that happens, it spreads worse that the common flu virus. Because it leads to…

When someone jumps at you for dissing a public figure/entity/event/issue, it’s an invitation for a free-for-all, a feeding frenzy. After all, most netizens have an angry mob mentality. Just by sharing an unpopular two-cents, you can get ganged up on by bad comments and harassed from here to the moon.

Then you get stripped bare. Online rape is when online nerds who have nothing better to do put their hacking skills to work in order to expose your true identity. Suddenly, your Linkedin account is linked to your venomous Tweet rant. In a blink of an eye, you’re anonymity is gone. You’re an open book, and a sitting duck.

The irony of it all is that the Internet is so unforgiving. No matter how hard you try to clean up the mess you started, your original rant will be forever etched on your social network’s archives. It’s permanent. It's forever. Just Google it, and it will resurface like a bad, bad dream. And so your online harassment goes on…

So what do you do next?
Facebook and Twitter accounts, DELETED. Dead.

Repeat cycle, as you wish.

It’s a good thing there are people who actually strive to give your Facebook timeline and Twitter feed a more responsible kind of updating. For that one, refer to Sykes. Sykes is the call center that embraces social media as the new means of perfecting customer service and enriching customer relationship. Social networking has never been more enjoyable.

If you want to make a career out of making a positive difference online, skip the rant and hop on to Sykes E-Recruitment