Sunday, November 29, 2015

5 Tips To Boost Your Immunity During The Holidays

Stress and I? We're like this -- *crosses pointy finger and middle finger tightly together to the point of pain* It doesn't matter if it's for work or for play. If I'm going to be planning it, I'm going to be stressing about it.  So now that the holiday is creeping in, you can just imagine my looming nervous breakdown which --more often than not-- leads to me getting sick all throughout the season.

Good thing I discovered an immunity booster that's guaranteed to make me healthier and stronger even as holiday stress tries to pull my natural defences down.
Fern-C isn't your run-of-the-mill Ascorbic Acid. It's a Sodium Ascorbate which means:
  • It's Vitamin C that doesn't cause stomach upsets.
  • It's a food additive that conserves the colour, taste, and nutrition in food.
  • It's an anti-oxidant that increases body resistance to infections and stress.
  • And, it's a daily dose of awesomeness that's inspired me to list down some valuable tips on how to be stress-free and sick-free this holiday. Watch!

Those last minute deadlines are the worse! Before you go on that well-deserved Christmas vacation, work is going to suck you dry. And that's why you have to be more efficient in managing your time during the busiest schedule of the year. Set lead-times per project. If you get stuck in a rut, move on to the next. Focus. Cut down on distraction and procrastination. Working wiser is better than working harder. It lessens stress and gives you time to rest, too. No sickness happening in this department.

Ah, Christmas shopping… possibly the most stressful activity next to the final stretch at the Olympics. Especially if you plan to hit the mall in December. So what do you do? Get creative! You can buy one of the same thing for all your friends, and personalise them with a special touch. How about writing their names on lovely leather-bound journals with the sweetest flourishes of calligraphy? It's personal and emotional since it's part labor of love. There! Now you even have energy to spare.

Aside from stressing out about what to cook for Noche Buena, another thing that messes with your immune system is how unhealthy some party food can be. So why not divide the cooking responsibility among your relatives with an exciting 'healthy' theme. I'm sure Aunt Bea will be more than pleased to show off her excellent Veggie Fettucine, and Lola Puring will be more than pumped to share her Organic Embutido. No stress. All health.

If you're planning to buy more gadgets for your kids this season --hold that thought. Christmas is all about togetherness, love, family. Not being cooped up at home with the complete lack of verbal communication because everyone's busy with their new X-Box, their new iPhone 6, and their new Bose headphones. Instead of gadgets, get your buns moving for the family trip to the great outdoors! Explore places you've never been to together! Make better memories than scoring game levels. A little fresh air never hurt anyone. It only makes the family bond stronger and healthier.

Now, don't sell yourself short. If there's anyone who needs to take a bow for keeping the holiday (and the whole year) stress-and-sickness-free --it's you! So reward yourself with a little ME TIME. Postpone pesky incoming projects, reschedule meetings. And spend the last few days of the season sipping hot cocoa, reading a book… and yes, catching up on those much needed Zzzz's. The family and your clients will understand. After all, you'll need to recharge for the next onslaught of reality, right?

Do all these with Fern-C --and stress, cough, and colds won't make it into your guest list this Christmas.

Hey, now's the perfect time to get started!
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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Belkin Wishlist

These days, getting ahead of the game is all about connection, connection, connection. That's why you got your fancy laptop, your shmancy tablet. and your fancy shmancy cellphone. But what will you do IF your precious gadgets lose juice in the middle of the most unfavourable scenarios?
Me? I'd weep. I'd fall apart. I'd be a wet match in a cave. Being a Creative Consultant, I'm insanely dependent on my tools of the trade. I can't afford to miss a call.
So how do I avoid the dreaded Low Batt from ever happening? I get gadgets for my gadgets. I get Belkin.

Belkin is the end all and be all of charging and connectivity prowess. If you want your tech things spewing perpetual power, I've got an entire Belkin wishlist right here.

Like most freelance Energizer Bunnies, I multitask. I multitask like the wind! And wouldn't you know it --Belkin's Swivel Charger does the same. It has two connection ports so I can charge two devices at the same time --as fast as Lightning! And with its 90-degree swivel feature, it leaves me with another outlet for, say, my blowdryer. What an understanding piece of technology!

"I'm on the road." is no longer a reason for being undercharged with this set of badass babies. Small and compact, this system fits my dash like a glove. It has a 4-foot long Lightning to USB cable that powers up any of my gadgets in breathtaking speed. It syncs my devices seamlessly, too, while I zip through the highway.

You know how those tube-like cables tend to twist and get all knotty and knobby in your backpack? Oh, not this one. The Mixit Flat Lightning to USB cable is unbelievably flat, flexible, and easy to stash.  Mixit mixes and matches with all my power accessories for synching and file transferring. I am so gonna use this to my heart's content at  home, at work, on the road.

Now THIS is a lifesaver! Every now and then, my work finds me in location shoots in the middle of Godforsaken nowhere. If I can't be near an outlet anytime soon, the Mixit Powerpack 4000 will keep all my USB-enabled devices amped for the next 8-freaking-hours! And with 4000 mAh, this powerpack will stay charged for days from the last time I've plugged it in. What can I say? Whenever you need a quick boost, Mixit makes it happen.

Of course, i can't be too selfish. can I? This handsome piece of progress also makes it into my wishlist. And it's called a 'Rockstar' for good reason. The Road Rockstar is decked with 4 ports so I can charge my phone while hubby charges his phone while the the little boy charges his game and the bigger boy charges his music. WHEW! No surprises there because the Road Rockstar's 6-foot cable gives us the flexibility and the reach. It's perfect. You know what they say, 'The family that charges together, stays together.'. :P

There you have it --My Belkin Wishlist! No gadget of mine will ever go thirsty again!

If I have convinced you on the importance of perpetual power, then my job here is done. Now, it's your move. Head on to the Lazada site to check out more of Belkin's incredible products and put up your own wishlist.
If you want to be on top of your game, you got to keep your game on. On and on and on.