Saturday, June 23, 2012

Energizer and Nuffnang bring you The Amazing Spiderman

Energizer and Nuffnang power my lifestyle through amazing, longest lasting relationships.
Energizer powers my remote for more TV time, my wiimote for more playtime, and my desk lamp for more work and crafts time.
Nuffnang powers my mind with more workshops, my body with more parties, and my heart with more and more contest opportunities and prizes.
Double woot!
Be it a relationship with gadgets or with the most interesting people in the blogosphere --Energizer and Nuffnang definitely got my back.

But these two are at their most amazing when they work together to power Nikita... my Nikon camera.  (Yes, I name my gadgets.  You can't have relationships with nameless entities, right?)

Whenever I cover a Nuffnang event, I make sure I bring along my Nikita all pumped up with Energizer energy.  I bring along my relentless agility and passion for the perfect shot, too --like I always do when photo ops are presented.  You have no idea what lengths I go to when taking pictures for my blog.  I'm like a spider on steroids! 

I dangle from great heights for that awesome food shot.
I swing from one pillar to the other for that most dynamic fashion spread.
I risk life and limb for that most captivating 8th wonder of the world capture.
The amazing thing is that my Energizer-powered Nikita keeps up with my Nuffnang-powered self.  Now, that's the longest lasting relationship between superpowers if you ask me.

Speaking of amazing superpowers, the Energizer and Nuffnang tandem just got even better.  They're working together --again!-- this time to bring The Amazing Spiderman to the big screen on June 29, 2012 (Friday) at the Powerplant Mall.  This premiere is going to be the web everyone will want to get stuck on this season!

Oops!  My Spidey senses are tingling.  This event sounds like another job for my Energizer-powered Nikita and my Nuffnang-powered self!  *snap-snap*

So glad I have this amazing, longest lasting relationship going. :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My O.T. Playlist

If you're doing overtime alone (and if you're a freelancer, you usually do),  then like any heart-thumping, spine-tingling, action-packed movie --this event needs a soundtrack.

There's nothing like music for companionship in the dead of the night.  It keeps you awake.  It keeps you from feeling 'wawa'.  And if you're going to be all heroic by taking on a rush job on your own, man, you do deserve an official soundtrack just as Daniel Craig deserves a signature Bond rift every time he lifts an eyebrow.

I suggest you start your soundtrack happy.  Pop is good, but I prefer beach music.  I'm delusional like that.  Let's pretend being rushed inhumanely and working while everyone else sleeps is a good thing.  Yeeeah!

Suddenly, midnight bitchslaps you back to reality.  You're not at the beach.  In fact, like a normal human being, you ARE sleepy!  Time for some wake-up music.  I go for dance beats that are a little on the rebellious side.  Controversial songs keep me alert.

Ok, you're in the zone now.  A good idea has finally arrived and you don't want to be distracted as you milk it.  But you don't want to be choked by deafening silence either.  What you need is a drone.  A trance.  For this, I choose my favorite Daywalker. 
Daywalker.  How appropriate.

Hark!  Was that an eager rooster I hear?  It's almost sun-up and you're still attaching files that are way too heavy to attach in the first place!  It feels like a losing battle.  It feels like irony, angst, peppered with just the right amount of crazy.  It feels like... Manson.

Oh my gawd, Crunch Time!  But now you're just going through the motions because you know you're already out of the woods.  You're gonna make the deadline!  Glorious music, on!  Let's go for major rah-rah!  Me, I let my geekiness overflow at this point with some Super Mario Final Battle triumphant tunes. I am so cool. :D

Musical tastes vary, of course.
My own musical taste can change right after writing this.
But one thing's for sure.  In this late night, last full show called OT, come to battle with a soundtrack.  Seriously.  If you're going to stress yourself out to near coma, at least do it in song.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Masochistic Multitasker

3 company IDs.
9 email addresses.
5 business titles.
And dozens of kung-saan-na-lang-abutin work stations.

That's freelancing for ya.  Busy, crazy, fun.  Until someone loses an eye.

If you're a masochistic multitasker like I am, you gotta keep 4 things in mind if you want to stay in this ultimately rollercoastery gun-for-hire biz.

Categorization.  No one's going to do work traffic for you so you do it yourself.  Segregate clients by folders.  Don't just leave projects lying around on your desktop or you'll get confused.  Better yet. segregate them by computers.  If you do face time in a couple of offices,  keep each company's projects in their own computer.  Organized chaos.  Learn it.

Confidentiality.  Stop sharing info.  Freelancing isn't Facebook.  Stop telling people what projects you're doing and what clients you're handling.  No matter how tempting, don't share strat plans, creative executions, production details. You don't want to be a leak and you don't want to get banned.  You say you have common decency?  Well, here's your chance to prove it.

Commitment.  Bite the bullet only when you can chew it.  If you keep saying yes and then start messing up requirements due to lack of time, lack of sleep, lack of breathing space --no one's to blame but you.  Take only the projects you can sincerely pour your energy and creativity in, in the time you've specifically alotted for each.
Oh, and if you're writing and presenting a pitch for one agency, please don't write and present for the same pitch for another agency.  Again, commitment and common decency.

Coffee.  Self-explanatory.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Burn, Baby, Burn.

Sometimes, to get a move on, all you need is a round house kick in the right direction.

When our ancient iMac finally met its demise around the same time burn out was looming its evil head, my hubby Kalakal Kid made that big brave move to ...TAN-TA-RAN-TAAAN!... career change.
From being the sleepless art director mercenary of the cut-throat advertising industry to the sleepless entrepreneur of the ultra-challenging food business.

I know.  I said 'what the...!', too.

But that's really how you fight burn out.  Grow a backbone and boldly go where you've never gone before.  Ditch all inhibitions and comfort zones and look deep into yourself with this burning question:  Seriously, is art directing/designing/writing all I know?  You must have a hobby in there that deserves its own limelight.  You could be the next cross stitch queen and not even know it!

Well, other than dabbling with Photoshop, Kalakal Kid knew how to cook.  I mean, REALLY, knew how to cook.  But when you've done nothing but be an adman all your life, you can't just drop it and grab a sauce pan.  It took years of thinking, feeling... mostly feeling.  Emotion has a lot to do with a career change.  It's looking away from everything you've learned in college and going by your heart's desire.

More years of convincing himself until ultimately, the round house kick happened. The iMac died.  His job requirements (which he didn't care much for anymore) were all put on hold.  We had enough money to get a new 'second hand' mac or put up a little eatery in the front yard.  Guess where he went.
A couple of more minutes of soul searching and the rest is history.

Kalakal Kid's BULALO MISMO now stands mighty and proud, and so does my husband who has never been happier scalding his fingers in the fruits of newfound labor.
Bulalo Mismo passionately and deliciously operates from 5pm to sawa, every Tuesdays to Sundays.

Yes, it has to be 'to sawa'.  Because if there's one thing my hubby can't seem to let go of, it's doing OT.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

7 Deadly FREELANSins

While sitting here, doodling, thinking of how the month of May almost drove me to the brink of insanity... I had a moment to reflect on sins.  Why?  Well, when you're thatclose to losing it, you find solace in the fact that you're not the only crazy one out there.  There's a whole bunch of you freelancers who --at one time-- have shed their morals just to get food on the table.  Or, an iPad 3 on the table.  Depends on your priorities.

You may not have done it intentionally, but what the heck --let's see how you've sinned.

WRATH.  Don't tell me you've never had those episodes.  I mean, what can you do.  When you're on your own, things don't always work out the way you want them to.  Just don't aim for therapy, ok?  That's a 'note to self'.

SLOTH.  Hey, no one's rushing you, right?  YOU'RE your own boss.  Oh, wait, Procrastination IS your boss.  Chronic procrastination will get you nowhere, by the way.  If you have mold on your back, you already knew that.

ENVY.  Some lucky and loaded freelancers have the coolest gadgets.  They say it's so they can work anytime, anywhere.  But I think it's so they can show off, too.  I'm bitter, ya happy??

GREED.  You're not getting regular pay, you don't have benefits, you don't know when your next check is coming.  You know what, greed is such a strong word.  I call this survival.  Hehe...

GLUTTONY.  Whaaat!  You just experienced a miracle!  You got a big, fat check!  What are you gonna do with it?  Frame it?!
Save it, you say?  Save?  I can't hear you...

LUST.  Here's a scenario:  Your freelancer friend has a cool client who also happens to be a plump cash cow.  You don't.  Are you going to be a snake in the grass or just drool from afar?  Ooh, I know someone who'd snake it... and did.

Me, I just drool.  After all, I have...
PRIDE.  Being a freelancer doesn't mean you have to go that low.  In fact, you don't need to depend on anyone to get by.  More importantly, you don't need anyone's pity.  Why, you're frakkin' cool!  So frakkin' there! (please refer to first doodle)

That's how my simple doodling escalated to biblical proportions.  Not that I'm saying going morally astray is cool.  It's just that in the middle of the chaos called freelancing, we do tend to lose it... without meaning to.  If you haven't made a sick habit out of it, ok, you're excused for now.

So, how have you sinned today?