Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Raketista Reality Show?

It was my first slow day in many, many moons.
What better way to celebrate it than to couch potato it, right?!
As I welcomed that rare braindead state, the whole day saw me sprawled and glued to the TV... oddly entranced by reality shows. Oh yeah, I went there. From MasterChef to The Apartment to The Next Top Model.

And because I can't really stay catatonic for long, this Reality TV immersion had me cooking up...

(Disclaimer: Gimme a break. It's a working title.)

Think about it! Every true blue freelancer has always claimed to be a fantabulous multitasker, a jack of all trades. This reality show is the best way to prove who's the best at it. Anyone in the advertising field can join --writers, artists, directors, producers. It's going to be a test of expertise and the art of winging it. It's going to be insane!

Rough details. The raketistas will live together in probable disharmony in a contained, swanky, computer-heavy, wifi-ready area for several months (with huge vats of coffee, I promise). Every episode will have these raketistas biting each other's heads off in super stressful challenges. Oh, you should be familiar with these...

It will be like a never-ending business pitch! Which is kinda like real life for us, really.
To be fair, each raketista will also be allowed to make a crucial phone call to get advice from experts.

This also tests your panache for forging connections and building strong business relationships. If you suck in this area, you're better off calling a cab home.

Good so far?

Of course, each raketista will need to be screened before getting into the so-called 'rambol house'.

I'm not too picky about the others. But I do have three casting call mandatories:  The Bitch, The Crybaby, and the Overworked-Undersexed Dude/Dudette Who Always Falls In Love With Anyone During Overtime. Ratings, come to mama!

Oh! The prize: The crowned best raketista in the bunch will take home a hefty slew of the latest in business gadgetry --which includes a sports car. What, we need to make client calls in style, you know. Maybe a beach house should be thrown in there, too. For when we need to take a break from it all... recharge... forget...

THERE! So what do you think? Should I start harassing sponsors?
Or should I just stop having slow days?

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Timex says, "IT'S HERO TIME!"

In honor of the Timex Hero Story Collection launch, I present to you another hero.

This guy.
My husband is our resident Mister Adventure. While me and my boys would be perfectly content living a safe and secured life, he pulls us to where the breakthrough action is.

He's kinda like the Timex Adventure Series Linear Indicator Chronograph with Intelligence Quartz Technology (whew!), if you will.

Just as Timex upgrades its innovative display to no end, he updates his skill set to infinity.

Just as Timex presents a new perspective on time with its non-traditional 4-hour Linear chronograph (the first in the watch industry), his views on so many things go out of the box.

Just as Timex empowers with technology and ease, so does he with his own technological discoveries. 

Just as Timex captivates with its stainless steel case, black finish, and black genuine Silicon strap, he's got that badass sophistication and strength down pat.

Just as Timex dares with its 100-meter water resistant capability... well, he's getting there.

My husband is our hero when it comes to opening our eyes to limitless adventures out there. Just as Timex is your hero by conveniently wrapping a load of adventure around your wrist.

Hubby-wubby and the Timex Adventure Series Linear Indicator Chronograph with Intelligence Quartz Technology. Just one in the ground-breaking line of the Timex Hero Story Collection. Why don't you find out what kind of a hero you can be... with Timex.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

#WHIPIT (not to be labeled as an '80s song)

Let's see...
I've been called bossy, bully, bitchy, witchy. And these were when I was still corporate. Now that I'm championing freelancing, I'm being called wanna-be, arrogant, sipsip, epal. Oh, I have so many labels, the whole list would fill a blog post all its own.
Do I let these affect me? Nah. I let them toughen me up.

Guess that's the reason why I was invited to Rappler and Pantene's #WHIPIT, a forum on women empowerment, an inspirational call out to all labeled women to be strong and shine.

Pantene tells the story in a one-minute ad.

And, with the help of Rappler, pulls it out into an elegantly-styled event that involved glass chairs, gold ribbons, scrumptious hors d'oeuvres, and quotable quotes on display.

The affair started with facts and figures. The realities of a woman's life were served by Ana Santos and Maria Ressa. Speaking of figures, I loathe that sample I've attached here. If I am passionate about a point --and you and I know it's a sound point-- then I should be able to express it MY way, and people should be able to deal with it. Hello! I have red and purple hair. There's no downplaying this bitch.

The highlight was a witty, mind-opening conversation with a panel of strong-willed women of success.
Felicia Atienza, founder and president of the Chinese International School Manila; Natashya Gutierrez, a multimedia reporter for Rappler; Samira Gutoc, a prominent voice in the Philippine Muslim Community; Karrie Ilagan, first Filipina managing director of Microsoft Philippines, and Giselle Tongi, Multitasker extraordinnaire --a theater actress, Rappler writer, and a women's rights advocate.

The culminating move was getting the women in the audience to stand up and rip all their stereotyping labels off of a huge board (From Whip It to Rip It! Yeah, I just had to.). Nice, liberating touch, if you ask me. The event closed with women sashaying out, fully empowered and fully em-freebied.

But this is just the beginning. #WHIPIT is merely a stepping stone to the launch of a series of stories about women who --in this highly critical and judgmental world-- choose to shine boldly. Watch out for those soon!

"I feel beautiful when I'm confident. Not 'I feel confident when I'm beautiful'."
-Natashya Gutierrez

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

An Action-Packed Expression of Love

Hubby knows I'm not a 'Give me flowers' kind of girl. I'got this independent, confident, no-nonsense personality that doesn't really go well with a fresh bouquet of long-stemmed roses.
Buuut... there was one occasion when that tough girl resolve crumbled. And guess who was there to save the day?

It all started when I decided to ditch the corporate world to become a freelancer. Now, freelancing is a tough every-man-for-himself world. I was sure I could ace it though. After all, I am awesome. *snicker*

I can ambush client after client!

I can attack project after project!

Just as I was basking in the glow of my new-found freedom, reality bit. HARD. It's been months and I haven't gotten a single client. This self-employed bit might not be that easy after all. *gulp*

Months crept into a full year. THAT'S when I lost it!

In a snap, I wasn't that tough girl anymore. I was beat. I was genuinely falling apart.

Can you blame me? Money wasn't coming in, but bills were. Boy, was I quivering bundle of nerves then!

And then...

Without telling me, Hubby had called The sneaky little devil got me a HUGE bouquet of long-stemmed roses! The prettiest things I've ever seen! And it also came with chocolates! And a cutesy-wootsey teddy bear! *embarrasing giggle*
I'm no flower expert but I could tell those were high quality flora. The gifts that came with it were also top-rung. PHGifts IS the leading online flowers and gifts shop in the country, so there's really no doubting that. Hubby told me the PHGifts staff was ultra-freindly. And the delivery was extra prompt. In fact, at that moment, PHGifts couldn't have come at a better time.

Just like that, I felt a whole lot better. I should've known Hubby wasn't buying my tough girl act for one minute. Lol! And girls, no matter how independent and confident we may be --we will always, ALWAYS love flowers. Guys know that.

After a big smile appeared on my face (a smile that hasn't been there for over a year!), I'm converted. I'm now a 'Give me flowers' girl! More specifically, a 'Give me PHGifts girl'! For special occasions or just when when Hubby and I want to celebrate togetherness and ze love.

Oh, just so you know, I've finally got my freelancing mojo on. Now I'm swamped with work and stress to no end! *sigh* 
Honey! I need flowers!!!!

For any occasion, for any reason, click for PHGifts, ManilaBlossoms, or PhilFlora.

*Background images and comic bubbles from 123RF. Thanks!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Those Big Blogopolis Blurbs

"No need to buy a ticket, RaketChick. You're on our guest list!" -Nuffnang Philippines
That would be the first, COOLEST info I got that is anything and everything Blogopolis-related.

The second would be...
"We have unli-coffee!" -Hotel Intercon Caterer

And then...
"Here's your survival kit and treasure map. When you complete the stickers, you get qualified for the raffle." -Blogopolis Registration
This is why I love going to Blogopolis. There's always adventure! And a raffle. :)

After that, it's all blurbs on the wonders of blogging coupled with the technology of social media. Another reason why Blogopolis is an annual must for me: Fresh pickins' on new insights that empower the blogging experience. All delivered in the most engaging way possible by my favorite blogger/speakers.

On Modern Day Bayanihan.
"We are encouraging our journalists to do live blogs. Real stories help. Bloggers, you have great power today." -Rappler

On Podcasting.
"I wanted to level up. Keep doing what you need to do to keep your passion going. That's what will sustain you." -Dessert Comes First

On The New Nation.
"Everyone will be famous for one tweet, one blog. I don't think you're a real netizen if you haven't been praised AND condemned." -Jim Paredes

On Guiding Traffic Back To Your Blog
"In traditional media, you have a captured audience. In blogging, you have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google..." -Manila Fashion Observer

On Account Management.
"Your social media accounts reflect WHO YOU ARE. What you cannot say in person, do not say online." -Chuckie Dreyfus

On Making Your Own Media Kit.
"You don't have to say yes to every client. You have to protect the image of your blog." -Googly Gooeys

On Making Your Blog Big.
"Break the story now, edit later. When you've reached your first million page views, aim for the next million." -Yugatech

On Memes And Sudden Fame.
"I uploaded my pick-up lines on YouTube for my friends. But after that, everyone knew me." -Kimpoy Feliciano

So much like last year, each segment was followed by an educational and entertaining Q&A. What made this Blogopolis different though are certain awards given away. Maria Ressa of Rappler (the only journalist I know who puts so much heart into reporting) was honored with the Ripple Effect Award which she so rightfully deserves!

Long after the night came to a close, the tweets, posts, uploads, blurbs documenting how awesome Blogopolis: Into the Wild was, kept on pouring. Proof that bloggers do pick up on knowledge fast, and that they adapt to the changing times in LTE speed.

The goodies did their own pouring, too. Allowing every blogger to leave the premises with heads full of learning and hands full of loot. If that doesn't seal the deal on a successfully WISDOM-FILLED, WILD day, I don't know what would.

"Thanks again, Nuffnang! Same time next year!" -RaketChick

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

#YolandaPH: Raketulong!

Raketista, what's your favorite freelancer perk? "I control my own time!"? Well, here's your chance to make awesome good of that wondrous privilege for our brothers and sisters in Yolanda-stricken Visayas.

This is perfect because you CAN make time for it. And if you're all about complete independence and going all hands-on (because freelancers are like that!), then you're sure to find more excitement and fulfilment in packing and sending off relief goods than donating checks from the comforts of your home.

Here are some relief organizations in the metro that are calling out for able arms and legs:

DSWD-NROC in Pasay City. Interested volunteers can call 851-2681 to get into their organized help schedule.

Hands On Manila needs you, too. You can simply walk into the Philippine Army Gym in Taguig to be counted. Here's the map.

The Citizen's Disaster Response Center also welcomes volunteers at 72-A Times Stret, West Triangle Homes, Quezon City. You can call them at 829-9820 for inquiries.

Likewise, the Philippine Red Cross is opening its doors for 200 volunteers ASAP. Sign up here.

And for those who want more flexibility (because freelancers are like that!) --from 6am to 6pm, Project Life Visayas has your choice of 3 packing locations: In Alabang (0917-8237659), Makati (0928-4384667), and Las Pinas (0939-5273207).  Call the numbers mentioned for more details.

So what are you waiting for? Volunteer. It's your TIME, raketista.

*Special appearance by Amazon's Danbo. :)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Hobby Finds A Voice

You cannot be a raketista unless you have hobbies. A life outside work. A concept of fun times.
And, being the clever money-maker you are, you make money out of them.

That said, aside from writing, I also do voice. For years, I have lent my vocal chords to several TV and radio ads for the sheer joy of it. Mostly character voices because I've always loved doing impressions, even as a child.

Let's see... I've done a whimpering battered wife, an annoying 'Madam, Sir' saleswoman, an evil cackling Snake Queen, a bunch of singing ala-Sex Bomb fairies, a baby, an arrogant bitch of a mother-in-law, and several actress impressions when they're too busy to attend recording sessions.


Basically, I do any voice as long as it isn't mine.

I don't make character-voicing a career. Like I said, it's a hobby. But I do put my all into it simply because I like doing it. And... it pays. :P

If you have a hobby that has very little to do with what you do for a living, why not see if you can make a little extra (and fun!) living out of it? Because that's just what true-blue raketistas do.

Just for the heck of it, I'm throwing in this Tom Hiddleston Impressions video because this is what inspired me to write this post in the first place. Loki is my latest fangirling obsession. Teehee. *le spazz*

*Video creds to those named in the links

Friday, November 8, 2013


You publish on Blogger, post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, share on Instagram, note on Tumblr, upload on YouTube. Wow! That makes you quite the modern Homosapien, huh?
Hmm... not quite. Because social media is actually a huge information jungle. Which makes everyone living and breathing it, a social animal.

WILD, right? Oh, you don't know half of it.
And you will at the NUFFNANG BLOGOPOLIS #INTO THE WILD (Weaving Information for the Leaders of the Digital World).

Nuffnang has always been the roadrunner in the blogosphere biz. But this year, it's spreading its wings to embrace all things social networking. In this day-long event, bloggers, online influencers, students, digital marketing officers, and advertisers will enjoy a feeding frenzy of social media know-how and the latest in digital marketing and advertising trends. Brought to you by some of the alpha names in the social networking animal kingdom.

Think of NUFFNANG BLOGOPOLIS #INTO THE WILD as a hunting ground where you can finally pick up the scent on Internet-use insights and instincts. Now you'll know if you're sharing the right info with the right flock of Twitterers or the right pride of Instagrammers.

For example... if you were to look at my raketista side, I'd be a dragon.

Because I view myself as all wise (ahem, ahem). You know, posting expert freelancing survival tips, gramming flashy outworldly sketches, tweeting sensational advertising issues with my fiery tongue. With this background, I would most probably gravitate to badass business hashtags.

Then again, if you were to look at my parenting side, I would be a duck.
make a gif
Proudly updating my sites with my children's photos, funny kiddie anecdotes, school arts and crafts projects. I would most likely follow or subscribe to other cutesy, motherly online pages. Yeah, I have a rather goofy alter ego. (No, RaketChick! YOU'RE the alter ego!)

Schizophrenia aside, NUFFNANG BLOGOPOLIS #INTO THE WILD should be a wisdom-worthy wild ride. Sign up today. Avoid the stampede. For more information, drag your shiny claws here.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Freelancing and Fate

May I dabble in a little fatalism for a sec?

I'm the last person to buy that destiny mumbo-jumbo or that predetermined life philosophy, but a couple of recurring phenomena (if you will) have made me think twice. These, I'm sure, happen to others. But I think they become glaring when you're a freelancer, when you don't get to enjoy the full security of a 'kinsenas'.


That impeccable perfect timing. Something always saves the day just before you collapse into a puddle of pathetic mess.


Strangely, every time you start planning for things you might regret later, something happens to straighten you out.

Do these happen to you? Because they do to me a great deal. Like clockwork.

I'm not here to offer an explanation. You have horoscopes, palm readers, and crystal balls for that. But I can offer a reason. These things happen to remind us to 'calm our tits' and to 'get a grip'. There is order and security in a crazy business like freelancing as long as we know how to believe in ourselves, and how to control ourselves.
If we can't... well... we'll just have to be reminded again, I guess.

Goosebumps, huh?

*This post is inspired by one profound conversation during downtime at a shoot

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Walk the Walk

I love boots.
I don't have any other footwear other than boots.
Ok, I have a couple of wedged flip-flops that come out every summer, but that's it.

So what does my footwear preference have to do with your freelancing needs? Well, I don't know about you, but how my feet feel actually dictates my current mood and state of mind. It also dictates my confidence level. It may sound a bit strange and almost foot fetishy on a creepy level, but hear me out. You'll be nodding your head in a bit.
Sidenote: This may or may not be a style post.

You have a lot more to prove when you're a freelancer, right? You have to project a lot more credibility. I feel I fit the bill more when I stand tall, literally and figuratively.

A Linea Italia score, and my favorite. Nothing says "I mean business" than this number. Goes well with my shorter dresses.

From Aldo, this pair is snug as it is commanding. Love them! Perfect with my longer dresses or my leggings and tights.

A gift from a sweet friend in Canada. When I want to wear jeans, I pair it with stiletto power!

Compared to my old Corporate Creative status, I do a whole lot of legwork now. I pick up checks. I meet suppliers. I shop for props. I don't get to delegate. If I did all that in stilettos, I'd be cranky as hell before the day is done.

Another gift from another friend in Canada. This says "Get out of my way! I have a schedule to keep!" Lol! I wear these with my cotton dresses or shorts.

Another one from Linea Italia. Made of soft, stretchy material, and comfortably wedged. It gives me a casual vibe but still puts an extra lilt to my step.

At the shoot, I want to be at my most comfortable without losing out on the "I'm on it!" attitude. I wear these with almost anything I feel relaxed in.

Army boots! Reminiscent of my college day Doc Martens, this pair is actually an ukay-ukay find. It says "I'm tough and I can play it rough." Don't be fooled by its monstrous look. It's actually heaven on my soles.

I make better decisions when I'm calm. These 2-in-1s are keepers I ordered off a catalogue. Extra cozy, almost Zen-ish. And the fact that I can change its look makes me a happy camper.

Now, if you're not into boots, you can translate this list to your own taste. My point is what you wear on your feet isn't just a fashion statement. It's a physical, mental, emotional, psychological, AND professional boost. Don't slip on the first pair of shoes you see on the rack. Ask yourself first --how am I walking the walk today?