Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Walk the Walk

I love boots.
I don't have any other footwear other than boots.
Ok, I have a couple of wedged flip-flops that come out every summer, but that's it.

So what does my footwear preference have to do with your freelancing needs? Well, I don't know about you, but how my feet feel actually dictates my current mood and state of mind. It also dictates my confidence level. It may sound a bit strange and almost foot fetishy on a creepy level, but hear me out. You'll be nodding your head in a bit.
Sidenote: This may or may not be a style post.

You have a lot more to prove when you're a freelancer, right? You have to project a lot more credibility. I feel I fit the bill more when I stand tall, literally and figuratively.

A Linea Italia score, and my favorite. Nothing says "I mean business" than this number. Goes well with my shorter dresses.

From Aldo, this pair is snug as it is commanding. Love them! Perfect with my longer dresses or my leggings and tights.

A gift from a sweet friend in Canada. When I want to wear jeans, I pair it with stiletto power!

Compared to my old Corporate Creative status, I do a whole lot of legwork now. I pick up checks. I meet suppliers. I shop for props. I don't get to delegate. If I did all that in stilettos, I'd be cranky as hell before the day is done.

Another gift from another friend in Canada. This says "Get out of my way! I have a schedule to keep!" Lol! I wear these with my cotton dresses or shorts.

Another one from Linea Italia. Made of soft, stretchy material, and comfortably wedged. It gives me a casual vibe but still puts an extra lilt to my step.

At the shoot, I want to be at my most comfortable without losing out on the "I'm on it!" attitude. I wear these with almost anything I feel relaxed in.

Army boots! Reminiscent of my college day Doc Martens, this pair is actually an ukay-ukay find. It says "I'm tough and I can play it rough." Don't be fooled by its monstrous look. It's actually heaven on my soles.

I make better decisions when I'm calm. These 2-in-1s are keepers I ordered off a catalogue. Extra cozy, almost Zen-ish. And the fact that I can change its look makes me a happy camper.

Now, if you're not into boots, you can translate this list to your own taste. My point is what you wear on your feet isn't just a fashion statement. It's a physical, mental, emotional, psychological, AND professional boost. Don't slip on the first pair of shoes you see on the rack. Ask yourself first --how am I walking the walk today?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Why Would I Swap My Old Love For A Foton?

I'm no auto expert. But if there's one thing I know about owning a car, it's not the same as owning a shirt. Having a car is a long-term relationship. It's kinda like having a lover. For the long run, you will need a car who will pamper you the way you would pamper him... uh, IT.

So with that in mind, why would I possibly need to rev up my ride and swap my old car for a Foton?

gif creator

Simple. When your lover stops returning your love, then... it's time to move on. And my old jalopy has been leaving me in the dirt for quite a while now. In love and life, we do deserve the best, you know.


Speaking of the best, take a look at the Foton Thunder. It's a beef cake on wheels! And it delivers. It has a seat belt reminder, adjustable lumbar support, 3-point seat belts, child safety lock, dual airbags, remote-controlled power windows, and more. I've always been a sucker for hardworking bad boys.


The Foton View is another yummy candidate. First off, it takes you dancing! This 14-seater is the first dancing wheel loader in the Philippines. It has dual-sliding rear doors, and has perfect air conditioning for its size. With its spacious interior, it tells you that it will take you to long, romantic road trips, too. *sigh* 

Interested? Well, here's your lucky day! You can witness the Foton View on its dance debut at the Foton Big Show 2013 on October 25. You can also meet a whole lot more badass and faithful Foton vehicles that won't let you down for the long haul.

At the event, Foton will let you trade-in your old rides from October 26-27. It will let you buy any vehicle you want with BIG DISCOUNTS and BIG REWARDS. It will pump up your car know-how with trainings and forums. It will let you test drive, too --so you won't need to jump into a commitment right away.
The best part? This getting-to-know-you date is for FREE!

Now ask yourself --Are you truly ready to move on?
With Foton, you bet!
Rev up your ride and give yourself some love at the same time. Register for the Foton Big Show 2013!

*old jalopy photo creds to 123rf.com.

Friday, October 18, 2013


All is fair in freelancing and war. And that's what makes this business really scary at times.
You may choose to be a well-mannered freelancer, but some won't. Some choose to be that devious little snake in the grass. In the guise of a wonderful, trustworthy partnership, you won't even see them coming until they've already struck. Their venom won't kill you though. In fact, it might even teach you a lesson. But the pissery smarts like hell!

Presenting, the breeds without breeding that ruin the raketista's good name.

Aka, the Back Stabber. So you partner with this guy for a big ticket client. All goes well. Until you learn that your guy has started buttering up your client while saying nasty things about you. Before you know it, your client has blindly gone with your guy, leaving you in the dust with an empty pocket and a tainted name. For shame.

Usually harmless, the Moocher will simply ride on your professional fee ...sometimes without telling you. This is cool until someone slips and shit starts hitting the fan (read: when client ditches you for overpricing). Secrets can ruin a good business relationship. If one must mooch, spill. Don't be two-faced about it.

So the client decides that the middle person isn't completely necessary and goes straight to you. That means you can milk this client solo! Big business opportunity here. But should you tell your partner? Or should you just disappear into the night? There you go, you're an instant --albeit accidental-- snake.

The worst kind of venomous villain, thank God, is not in the freelancing biz. He sits high up in a seat of authority. People trust him. And yet he uses all his power and might to take from what little resources the people have. Yeah, you know who I'm talking about.
But this blog won't go there.

I'm not telling you to avoid collabs like the plague. Partnerships in freelancing are important. And, really, not everyone is a douche. Just take heed and be smart and carry a big stick. In freelancing, I think that's fair.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Keeping AFloat Formula

I get emails asking what's the formula to keeping afloat in this vast sea of freelancing. Well, it's more than just a vast sea, people. Freelancing has unsteady waters, killer tsunamis, and sharp rocks at the bottom. And, and... seaweed!  Eew!

Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut formula for floatation. You're your own boss so you have to think up the system that works well for you. The key is to create stability in a business that can be highly unstable if you don't play your cards right.

gif maker
My current formula is this:

1.  Nurture a neat little basket of direct clients.
These are the clients who have officially made you their per-project partner. Take care of that position. If they haven't contacted you for new projects, make sure you contact them with innovative ideas that can help their sales. These clients are your babies and your purpose in life is to help them grow. Trust between both parties is the valuable glue here.

2.  Be the go-to of ad agencies, design shops, and production houses.
Establish a niche. Say, fastest idea churner on the block. Most strategic Creative ever. Miss Friendship. Whichever you may be, you'll stay on their minds once you make a positive impression.

3.  Have a regular Consulting gig.
This is the key to everything! When you're contracted to do strat and creatives on a regular basis, that means regular payday. Yay! Usually, this requires face time from time to time. But that kind of irregularity helps you keep your freelancing status in tact. A documented arrangement that benefits both parties here is important (more on that on another post). Needless to say, you take care of this relationship with all your might.

4.  Dip into a 'jobs online' gig. Regularly.
These are usually international communities that offer quickie work online. Product reviews, blog posts, short articles --no-brainer projects that pay fast.  And you get to choose the topics you want to write about. Again, this guarantees money in the bank.

5.  Just keep pitching, pitching, pitching...
Be relentless! Why wait for opportunity to knock when you can create the opportunity yourself?

With this formula, I get to enjoy the regularity of a payday with spikes of extra cash when a pocket project (or a huuuuge, happy, happy day project!) pushes through. And I keep busy. An idle mind makes you crazy. Believe me, I've been there and it's not pretty.

There you go!
Did I help you in any way? Inspired you, at least? Hope so. Now go forth, formulate, and float!

*Lovely photo creds to Flickriver.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Where Monsters Lie

Now that I've regained a bit of my sketching skills (no, more like, doodling dignity), please allow me a moment to blatantly hard sell some of my balderdash. :P

You see, not all of these doodles make it to the blog. Some of them just hang around and chill in a little hole on Instagram. Waiting for that opportune moment when they can resurface and join their brothers in that most-coveted tiny space in the blogosphere. Since I doodle a lot, you can expect a lot of these unemployed monsters here.
Here, you'll see initial thumbs, too. Doodles that look like crap before they're digitally-enhanced to be decent enough for blog-use. Interesting, eh?

Here, you can also find screen caps of my RaketChick's Twitter Tips. Good raketista advise which I figure might make the freelancing world a happier place.  They're mostly delivered in the language called 'sarcasm', but they get the message across.

And here, you can chance upon tidbits of randomness as a means of a sneak peek into my real-life existence. Not that you'd want to, but I got chocolate bars and cupcakes. Lol!

Of course, people still ask me why can't I just doodle normal-looking stuff --like a girl without wings, a guy without tentacles, a child without horns, or at least someone with a good pair of eyes. Well, because normal is boring. And doodling isn't a self-portrait. Not that I'm that normal-looking either.

So if you want a bigger dose of monstrosity that you can't get from this blog alone, there's RaketChick on Instagram. All the creepazoids are here. Let's party.