Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Freelancer's LookBook

I'm hurt. For some strange, stereotyping reason, a number of people seem to think that the typical freelancers' 'look' is 24-hour bum-esque. (Yes, I'm talking to you, neighbor with the noisy myna bird!) Now, THAT is an insult! We don't ALWAYS look like that!

Like most normal Creatives, freelancers do dress to fit a variety of occasions. In fact, a lot of us tend to push the fashion envelope a bit. Observe...

Every first project briefing/client encounter is like America's Next Top Model for us. We need to show our personality and credibility in one go. We want to project uniqueness and powerpacked-ness. During these meetings, "Ta-daah!" is an understatement.

Video cons are the ultimate fashion cons. Business on top. chillax at the bottom. Why not? As long as we don't suddenly get up to pee, no one will ever know.

For us Pitchaholics, that's Me2Day almost EVERY day. Burning the midnight oil alone calls for one dress code and one dress code only: Ultra Comfy! Inspiration, welcome home.

Driven freelancers take huge presentations to town with what I'd like to call 'gimmick gear'. These embellishments actually help sell our concepts, and positively smother our client with our go-getter attitude. PLUS POGI POINTS!

If we're talking low budget production here (and we usually are), chances are we are the Creative, the AE, the Producer, and the Director in one. Time to go uber gung-ho with our goal-pumped multi-tasking skills ...with poise, of course.

Kubra Day is Happy Day with some painful spikes. Red tape, long waits, client-to-client-to-client trips, Impatience Musculaire, and --heavens forbid-- pay check malfunction. Before we dive in, we'll need extra support.

When we do get a break and meet with friends, we get the usual "So... how are you holding up?" question. This is when we add something flashy to our ensemble. Say, a tiny new bling that subtly mutters, "I'm doin' hell fine, bro!"

See? We don't always look like delegates to the Hobo Holiday. Although if you'd ask us to choose, Freelance Fashion Trend No.3 would still be our favourite. Well..err...mine anyway.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bling Out The Skullz!

No matter how mature you feel you've grown into through the years, some things you never really outgrow.
For me, it's the love for black, boots, creepy dolls, and skulls.

So when I got this 4-Skull Ring from the Life Simplification Sale, I told myself I'd stray from my usual freelancing tips agenda and go on full style blogger mode. Which isn't really me. But what the hell.

Sterling and glossy, this bling gives you four sides of sassy. The first side is the typical off-white skull. Perfect for when I want to project that 'Don't mess with me' integrity. Perfect paired with my tough 'I mean business' Haurex timepiece.

Side 2 is Blue. Blue is my fourth favorite colour (after Black, Red, and Purple), so yeah. This skull side works for me on weekends when blue jeans make it into my wardrobe. Here, my short jeannies are Tommies.

Side 3 is Yellow. You can never have too many yellow skulls! This set pops against my usual dark clothing. It's like a 'Boo!' in the night. You can get the awesome skull bracelet in a variety of shades from The Berry Vintage.

Side 4 is...uh... well... pink.
Ok, if you know me, you know I abhor pink. It just doesn't make my day. It's frou-frou, it's pretty, it's sweet --it represents everything I'm not. So when I use this skull side, I balance it off with my metal-finish 'F*ck U!' gun ring. Bang! Dead! Skull! See the struggling storyline there?  Hehe. I got my gun ring from The Ramp Crossings.

I know, I know. I suck as a style blogger. And that is why I'm not one. Guess I can't outgrow my freelancing blogger shtick either.
But if you like anything you see here, just click on the links and have a blast!
Break over. Back to our regular programming.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

International Flying Lessons, Raketista-Style

A raketista perk: You own your own time.
Sweet deal, huh? But have you maximized that? Since you're not controlled by some kind of 9 to 5 rule, why not spread your wings a little to make bigger business?

Raketista folks... it's time to go international!

I usually get overseas clients by word of mouth. A friend who works abroad gets asked for a local lead, he puts in a good word me, I get a call.  You can scout around online, too. You'll be amazed at how many offsite corporations are on the look out for local talents to do their networking bidding.

To get you started though, you'll need some tools (see attached metaphorical weaponry on illustration's metaphorical wings).

This phone app is about to be your best friend. It tells you the different time zones so you know when to expect a call from your client. Simple enough? With me so far? Let's move on.

When working with people a thousand miles away, the last thing you need is a dropped call or a crashed internet connection. Invest on smooth communication.

Or WeTransfer or MailBigFile, and the like. Initially, so you can send out your big-filed portfolio. Eventually, when you need to send out your FAs or TVC edits... fast.

Or GoogleChat and its contemporaries. While you can do online chats or dial-in conferences, some clients do prefer to put a face to your working relationship. Thank God you can wear your pajama bottoms while doing this!

Hello, vendor forms! Expect to be sent tons of documentation on accreditation, confidentiality, rules and regulations. Accomplish these fast and keep them categorized and tucked away. Remember that not one client is the same as the other. Every now and then, you'll need to go back to these files for review.

Payment time! Paypal offers easy-peasey application and transaction. 'Nuff said.

Some clients would prefer bank-to-bank transactions though. So make sure you have all your bank details on international money transfers. You can score some of these online. But I'd say it's safer to get them straight from your bank's mouth.

Just in case your client decides to give you a free trip to her country of origin. (silent 'Booyeah!') Juuust in case.

Now these tools are important so you don't get lost in the middle of the trade. So you avoid delays, misunderstanding, ruining new relationships even before they've begun, and getting yourself pissed off in the process.

If you're serious about broadening your horizon and taking on a foreign business landscape, heed my words and gear up.
You can ask any winged creature out there --NOBODY wants to fly blind.

*Fab background vectors from