Sunday, July 28, 2013

Your Life's Goal: Now Showing

On the subject of creating goals for yourself, Susan Miller once told me...
(Uh-huh, the Horoscope Lady.  THAT Susan Miller.  Us freelancers like getting sneak previews in life.  We're impatient like that.)

I hear you, Sue!
We're creative people.  We churn out stories for a living, multiple times in a day.  How is it not possible to make our own stories with our own lives?  Remember, your life is your biggest adventure.  As a freelancer, you can't fall into a fetal position moping about an 'isang kahig, isang tuka' existence when living an adventure is so much cooler, right?

Starting today, aim for something bigger, plan a course of action, dive into the fray.  Live every day with the attitude of a protagonist who's read the script beforehand (because we're impatient like that) and knows for a fact that --despite unexpected twists-- you're not going to be killed off in this flick like some two-bit zombie extra because you topbill this blockbuster!

If the goal you've set seems too steep and even if you fall a dozen times going for it, don't think, "I'm doomed... I'll never make it...".  Instead, take those falls as challenges you feed on.  And think, "As I reached out to the sphere of gold and light, I am engulfed in the power of victory!  I bask in the triumphant rays of my new life ...whilst in the heated kiss of a well-toned lover!"
The last line is optional.

So, go!  Cook up a goal in this cinematic spectacle called life.  It's science!  Why do you think I came up with RaketChick in the first place?

Glorious closing score.
End credits roll.

*movie poster background by wallpoper.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Targetted: The Targus MacBook Air Sleeve

I suck at surprises.
So a month before my birthday, Kalakal Kid forewarned me that he will be getting me the new MacBook Air as a present.  I didn't handle that too well either.  You tend to be ridiculously budget-conscious when you're a freelancer.  And my old MacBook (Diego, bless his soul) is dying, but STILL HANGING ON!!

Stubborn for stubborn --Kalakal Kid won this round.
So I am now the bashful and somewhat proud owner of a spanking new MacBook Air.  (a very quiet 'Yay!')

Now, I would love to go on a product review for you, but that sort of thing is all over the net now.  So I'll go with ...the sleeve.

One thing you have to know about the MacBook Air is that you don't want to cover it up too much when you saunter with it into meetings.  It's a badge that says, "I am up to date.  And so is my professionalism." --haha!  And so you'd want to carry it around semi-exposed.  The jelly hard cases designed for such purpose have already made the initial rounds when the first MacBook Air hit the shops, so I'm not going that route.  Plus, the jelly hard cases are so in your face.  I don't want to be all,  "Heeey!!!  I got a MacBook Aaaaiiir!!!!".  Ugh, a little discretion please.

My baby (whom I've decided to name Loki) sports the simple yet fashionable Targus in Twill.  It's slim, handy, and cheaper than its plastic counterparts.  The latter might just be the deciding point here since I don't want Kalakal Kid to spend much more. :P  The Targus is only Php1,799.00.  I am cheap.  Hear me roar.

My sleeve, which comes in badass Jet Black with white stitching, has an easy-clean rubbery exterior.  It is branded in complete subtlety.  Love that.  It whispers your MacBook Air's presence via the slope in the opening.

It has an internal soft lining that protects the MacBook Air from scratches.  The strap closure is for quick access --just in case you are unceremoniously pulled into a 'Quick!  Type down this briefing now!' situation.

It gives the impression of a classy clutch ('clutch' --yes, I am judging myself).  People will somehow know it houses a MacBook Air... or will be pleasantly surprised when you finally expose it. 
The Targus is borderline weightless that it's perfect if you would rather travel light from one client meeting to a production session to a press launch in crazy succession.  Even when I look like a complete hot mess after a typical fully-loaded day, my Loki will still look mighty fine.  And that's what matters.

The Targus Sleeve is available in many lovely shades at the Power Mac Center.  If you haven't pimped your Air, here's your chance.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

RaketChick takes the cake!

It's my birthday! Wuut... AGAIN?!! No, silly. My biological birthday, not my bloggerlogical birthday! (yes, that makes sense)

And, just to shake things up a bit on this momentous occasion, my boys decided to marry reality and the imaginary with the coolest birthday cake this side of the planet. Presenting the first ever... RaketChick Cake! Or RaketCake... (I haven't decided, really)

Designed by my boys and brought to life (and flavour --it's Banana Cream Cheese. Yameeeh!) by the ever-reliable cake master, Midnight Snacks, let us take this moment to appreciate this awesome craftsmanship of a mega beast fondant nature. Let us begin with a quarter turn. Just to prove that this goodness comes to you in 3D.

Then, a glorious caress over the impeccable detail of a very dead 2-headed dragon. Because, as my Robot Boy says, "There are no normal creatures on RaketChick. Everything has to be weird monsters.  That's just how it is!". Ah, I've taught him well.

Another panning shot takes us to the back where we are completely floored by the meticulously sculpted dragon scales and war-torn wings. A brilliant plus is the rocket war head stuck on the back of the dragon subbing as a candle holder. Brilliant, I tell ya!

And finally, RaketChick --toting a rocket launcher. Because as Hyperkid says, "That's the only way you kill a dragon --shoot it out of the sky!". Hellz, yeah!

The only change here is that RaketChick's hair isn't as spiky as it normally is. Because MY hair isn't spiky. But yeah, we do share the red and purple hair hue. Don't ask. It's just... how it is.

I bet you're more than thrilled to make edible sculptures of yourselves on your next birthday, huh? Ok, I'm not that selfish. You can call Midnight Snacks anytime.
Now excuse me while I go eat myself.  Hahaha!!!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Glad to be Globe (aka, The Freelancer's Lover)

17 years.  Same service provider.  Same mobile number. 
If that doesn't prove that I'm Glad to be Globe, I don't know what will.  It's just that when it comes to living a fully connected life,  Globe has always been my first and only love...



Cue: Romantic music.

Globe and I have started going steady from the moment I stepped into the corporate world.  Kinda think of it, we've been going on longer than my husband and I.  Imagine that!

But we only decided on a long-term relationship when I realized Globe wasn't letting me down even when I went freelance.  I mean, seriously, going independent isn't a walk in the park.  No regular paydays, no day offs, no assistants, no back up, no one to blame when all hell breaks loose.  And eventually, if you're an unfortunate soul, no money.
I went into a crippling kind of depression on my first year of project-hunting.  That's when Globe pulled me through.  That's when Globe told me 'You could still get YOUR WAY'.

Globe switched me to a plan that's more practical for my new kind of life.  When someone changes himself to adjust to your own change ...yeah, that's love.

Globe's call and text features went on hyperdrive for me, too.  Not a single dropped call, not a single lost text, not a single opportunity missed.  Globe helped me back up on my stilettoed feet.  Such a gentleman.

Even when I went off-site, Globe stuck with me with roaming.  It's like having a reliable, super sweet date to every road trip.  HHWWPSSP (Holding Hands While Walking Pa-Sway-Sway Pa ...teehee...)

But one thing that made me fall head over heels with Globe is that it kept me in the loop of everything.  I was forever online to stay competitive.  Don't you just love a guy who gives you control?

And as if that wasn't enough, Globe showered with gifts and rewards.  It doesn't have to wait for our anniversary or my birthday.  It just kept on giving!  It made me feel extra special a lover would. *le sigh*

Since then, doing business on my own has indeed become a walk in the park.  With cotton candy, carnival rides, and sweet nothings to boot.  Globe is that awesome! 

And --he may not openly admit it-- but my hunny bunny agrees. :)

Glad to be freelance.  Glad to be loved.  Glad to be Globe.

*Song Creds:  Holding Out For A Hero by Frou Frou