Monday, April 22, 2013

One Shot at Music Videos

I don't know what brought me here.  I wasn't even working on a KPop-related project.  I'm pretty sure I was working on hacking some grilling recipe when I abused the search engine.
(Grill... Hostage situation... hmm, there might just be a connection...)

Anyway, I'm glad I took this accidental surfing detour because this has got to be one of the best music videos I've seen in a while.  Ok, 'best' might be too much.  But without paying attention to the lyrics (if you don't speak Korean and cute, crooked English, that is), then B.A.P.'s One Shot might well be the rebirth of storytelling music videos.  Yes, real storytelling.  Just like it used to be.  Remember the old days when watching a music video on MTV was like watching pocket movies  --with action, romance, with singers actually acting?  Remember Michael Jackson's Thriller, A-ha's Take On Me, Cold Play's The Scientist?  Where did all those go?  To the club for 4 minutes' worth of skimpy clothed gyrating, I guess.  Times have changed in music video development.  Instead of the song telling its story through video, we have video using the song as mere background music.  If I were the song, I'd get insulted.

This discovery, however, is a mash-up.  Great production + incredible choreography + an action-packed plot + A SHOOT OUT!!!  Editing was so tight that even if I couldn't understand 3/4 of what's being said in the song, I actually got the track's message (stopping myself from typing 'Music is the universal language, after all'... hehe... oops).  The MV came with optional endings, too.  Generous! :)

Alright, I'll give --the song isn't half bad either.  It's kinda catchy.  The mood of both audio and video worked together seamlessly to tell you a tale you can sing to (well... if you sing Korean and cute, crooked English, that is).

Story telling music videos.  There's hope for you yet!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Raketista's Prayer

Oh, hey, my little contribution to the world of poetry.  And faith.
*waits for lightning to strike her dead*  LOL!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Radio, LIVE!

To a copywriter, a radio script presentation is like an invitation to audition for America's Got Talent.  Why, this is the only medium where you're on your own.  No visual aid, just pure words -- this pretty much is your show.  In fact, you alone dictate your concept's make or break.  This is the performance of your life!


That meeeans... present your radio script with the aplomb of a seasoned thespian!

1.  Set up the stage.  Make your client visualize your intent with a short preamble. A simple, "The scenario is a husband and wife fighting at the mall" should do fine.

2.  Pegs are for pussies.  Don't say, "The music will sound like this but we'll still make it not sound so much like this..."  Pegs can also confuse the heck out of your client's expectations.

3.  Pre-recorded presentations are a waste.  So why do it?  Why hire professional talents and buy studio time for a client presentation?  That's money out the window, me thinks.

4.  Don't be shy, it's your time to shine!  Present raw!  If you must bring props for SFX or an acoustic guitar for that major mood and tone, do so.  But present LIVE.  Make it a show.

5.  Be possessed!  I firmly believe that anyone can change her voice whether she responds to the name Emily Rose or not.  If your script calls for the voice of God, then by God --be God!  If it calls for a conversation between 5 people, then be 5 people! 

6.  Be very possessed! I bet you can make a host of sound effects come out of that pretty mouth, too.  A bird tweet, a dino roar, a car revving, thunder and lightning --you could do those sounds at will when you were a kid playing in your front yard.  Squeeze that out and do it again!

7.  Sing, goddamnit, SING!!!  Unless you really don't have the slightest musical shred in your body.  But in any case, your job is to tell your client a story.  Not win The Voice.

At the end of the day, a live radio script presentation is fun.  It gets your client in a good mood.  And it shows how passionate you are about your concept and craft.  It sells.
I mean, after that award-winning performance, how can any self-respecting client possibly say no?  Ha!

Yes, technology is there to make things easier.  But when it comes to radio, dear writers, read your script... be your script! 
And, take a bow.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Fornication, anyone?

What better way to celebrate this momentous occasion than to blog a call-out for erotica literature submissions!
And cake!

Remember how I upped my freelance writing a notch by dabbling in something out of my comfort zone?  Well, I'm giving you the opportunity to do the same... with a huge-ass perk. 
Sex and Sensibilities is compiling all the best erotica submissions in an e-book entitled Fornication:  A Collection of Filipina Erotica in English.  Quality reflections of the Filipina on her own sexuality, and her enjoyment of it.  Different women, different ages, different POVs.  All in the name of freedom of expression on a topic that empowers her to be...well... on top.

The last book of this kind was released in 1992.  It's high time we published an anthology that's fiercer.  More now.  More us.
How. Cool. Is. That!

Simple rules:
1.  Your literotica entry should be up to 800 words.
2.  It should reflect a story about your own sexual outlook --even a fantasy, except rape and death fantasies.  
3.  It should be in English.  Obviously.
4.  Submissions should be in Word document files emailed to
5.  You can either use your real name or pseudonym in your byline but make sure you include your full name in your email to us.
6.  And lastly, all entries should be in by April 20, 2013.

Feeling a little iffy about this?  Understandable.  That's why I've prepped some inspirational samples to get you in the mood.

COSTUMES by Nicai de Guzman.

POWER PLAY by Ana P. Santos.

And, my personal favorite (Haha!), THE GAMES ADULTS PLAY by Karen Fernandez.

Once chosen as one of the brilliant authors with a story delicious enough to grace the online pages of Fornication, you will be emailed immediately.  Then, we party.  And have cake.

So, have I turned you on yet?  Have I gotten your creative, uhm, juices flowing?
Then get to it!