Sunday, December 21, 2014

2015 Planner Pick: teNeues Mercede Skulls

Yesterday was 'Act Like A Practical Adult' Day' --and boy, did it affect my 2015 planner-picking mojo.

Planner-picking is the most important year-end activity for me. No, seriously. This is the tine when I choose a year-long partner. A sidekick who I can always rely on for my schedules, run to for notes and life directions, cuddle with when shit after shit after shit hits the goddamn fan.

That's why history insists that I choose planners with fun cartoon pages and quirky words of wisdom and ample amounts of doodle pages. Because a planner is more than a hardbound calendar to me. It's a companion I am to spend a tight 365-day period with.

Well, all those were thrown out the window when I went and asked myself this question: 'As a professional, what should I really be looking for in a planner?' Ugh. I hate it when I get all rational and shit.

Apparently, my biggest issue during client meetings is notes pages shortage. Since all the planners I've used before were up to their proverbial necks in visual gimmicks, there's never enough project briefing scribble space and instantaneous idea-churning space.

But, even with this nerdy cerebral attack, I still found the planner that fed both my practical side and my crazy ass side.

Presenting my spanking new 2015 arm candy, the teNeues Mercede Skulls Planner!

If you know me well enough, you'd know skulls are like my jam. Love them to bits! And Jennifer Mercede, celebrated free-flowing watercolorist, makes the happiest skulls on the planet. This book is lovely!

Oh, and look… notes pages as far as the eye can see! Made from the finest German paper stock, too! My pen just glides over the darn thing.
It does break my heart a bit that this doesn't have my usual doodle pages but, heck, lines never stopped me before.

So, is this planner worth a whole year of panic-stricken deadlines and day-to-day emotional breakdowns? Is this the perfect choice? Ah, that I'll have to find out. As they say in any relationship, you just gotta trust your gut. Or, er, skull.

The 2015 teNeues Mercede Skulls Planner is available at Fullybooked at P780.00 a piece. And the clasp? It's magnetic. SOLD! Haha!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Distraction Fact: Fiction

Writing ads for a kitchen utensil, dog food, or some banging new juice drink can be a complete thrill. But sometimes, you have to wonder… what else is there?

Let me introduce you to a brand new distraction then: ONLINE FICTION WRITING!!!

(awkward pause… cue crickets…)

Okay, so it's not skydiving and it's still writing. But this is the kind of distraction for those people who are too wimpy to step out of their comfort zones completely. Like me. Besides, the discipline of ad writing and fiction writing are woooorlds apart. From selling a product to building a tale from ground zero. From telling a full story in a tagline to telling a story in multiple chapters. From crisp word choices to flowery, flowery prose. AND I love writing! So there!

Well then, Online Fiction Writing. Where do you start?

This is the writer's playground. It allows you to blog, write novels, reviews, poetry, haiku, screenplays, what-have-you. It's for the writer who wants to explore writing outside of the usual brand sell but still doesn't want to give in to a huge commitment such as just writing fiction.

Now, more focus. Okay, as the name suggests, you're here to write a story that comes purely from your imagination. No prompts. No briefing. You're out to create a landscape all on your own. The cool thing about this site is that it allows you to write on a variety of genre. Be it fluff, smut, action, suspense, horror, supernatural. Choose your jam.

Even more focus. This site zooms in on one particular genre. Erotica aka smut. There are other sites that are more particular with the kind of writing genre you want. I just chose this site because. Well. Because.

Here's the cool part. All online fiction writing sites give you the option of enabling online commentary so you get to be praised and dissed by a bunch of strangers. FUN!

And that's where fanfic sites come in. Be it a Harry Potter, Twilight, Sleepy Hollow, The Walking Dead fanfic site, your story is bound to get positive reviews because you're writing about well-loved characters with immense reader fan bases. Here's a tip: Asian fanfic sites are teeming with fangirls who will love your story no matter what. Okay, not really. They will still judge you. You'd be surprised at how many awesome authors actually write in fanfic sites to hone their skills.

Now, you must be asking --"Will I earn from this?" OF COURSE NOT! It's just a distraction. And it's fun. Kinda like skydiving. But, not.

So if you want a break from the usual, go get your fiction going!
What are you waiting for?
A briefing?

*RaketChick's shotgun is inspired by Nerf SledgeFire

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Here's a Shirtload!

Have you ever come across a statement so cool, so clever, that you wished you could have it printed on a T-shirt? I have. All the time. And I relentlessly kick myself on the head for not having thought of those awesome words myself. And then I kick myself again for tempting copyright infringement.

So, just for kicks, I've compiled a few of my Statement Tee-worthy picks right here for your viewing pleasure. Please take note that none of these belong to me. Although I wish they did.

When choosing a statement to lord over your chest plate, you gotta keep in mind that this is something people will see, read, and assume represents your philosophy in life. Hence, this first choice. It defines me.

Aside from a caustic tongue, I am also popular --and I use 'popular' rather loosely-- for loving coffee beyond reason. So this is pick number 2. My inner grammar Nazi is cringing at the lack of a comma in there. But like I said, these cool statements are not mine. Moochers cannot be choosers.

I call this third pick my Post-Pitch Win shirt. Yeah! Sometimes I don't feel like verbalising my awesomeness. But I'd be happy to jut my arrogant chest out for you. Haha!

Fourth pick: The Workaholic Tee that fits me to a T! Like… Like an Audrey Hepburn satin glove. Dude, there's fresh business to be had! Sleep is for babies! GET THE FUDGE UP!

And lastly, a little subtlety. There are rare occasions when I want to make a statement without fanfare. Very rare. And if this were on a shirt, it would be vague but would still be the textile testament to my greatness. Or so I think. Lol!

There you have it. My Statement Tee-Worthy Picks.
They are the finest of the fold. They speak to me and of me on so many levels. But since I can't use them without buying them (and I'm just way too cheap to live), I guess I can always resort to this.