Saturday, July 28, 2012

Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

I'd like to think I'm as classy as caviar and as tough as nails when it comes to being a double agent (read:  regularly servicing a bunch of clients who actually compete with one another).  It takes a lot of craftsmanship and panache.  Something like what Mandaue Foam Furniture Store dishes out on a regular basis.

So is it any wonder why I would only choose to come home to Mandaue Foam?

When working indoors, I'd like to burn the midnight oil on a Mandaue Foam MMLDC Desk and Chair.
Resembling Roman Numerals in design (hence, the name... duh.), this classic beauty is sturdy enough to carry my laptop, cellphone, research materials, and product samples.  I bet it's sturdy enough to shield me from an onslaught of rush jobs, too.

When simply lounging, I'd like to reflect... literally.  I choose the Mandaue Foam Circle Mirror.
I might just be a closet narcissist but when I blowdry my hair or apply my smokey eyes on, I'd like to see myself in every angle, in a multitude of versions.  Lol!  I also think this mirror can easily expose an AE sneaking up on me from behind.

Finally, when night (or daybreak) falls, I'd like to settle comfortably on a Mandaue Foam Caprice.
The majestic Caprice is not only perfect for Mandaue Foam's signature soft mattress, it also has a built-in multi-purpose backboard that can house my notebooks for when an idea makes an unexpected pop in my brain in the middle of an unholy hour.  It can also house weaponry to cut off the phone line just in case a client calls in the middle of an unholy hour.

If you want the same fashionable and functional touch in your home,  check out this lovely ad about falling in love with Mandaue Foam.

And... if you want to be a kickass double agent like me, take the Bourne Legacy movie tutorial that Nuffnang and Mandaue Foam are premiering soon.
Ooooh, yeeeahhh!

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Cool Comfort of Marks & Spencer & Brits

Whew!  What a stressful week --and it's not even over yet.  I need a hug.  No, an insanely tall glass of margarita.  Or, maybe... a large tub of complicated ice cream.

By some cosmic mind link, Nuffnang heard my internal cry for comfort.  And invited me to the Ice Cream Tasting bloggers' event of Marks & Spencer.
Talk about good timing!  I was just about to commit harakiri when i heard that familiar ding of new mail.

Marks & Spencer launched their British Favourites ice cream line at its food section today with very little hulabaloo.  The launch was simple and quiet.  Just a banner announcing free ice cream.  And, by God, who the heck doesn't want free ice cream?!

There were two tables laid out where tiny plastic cups, tiny wooden spoons, and tubs upon tubs of ice cream sat.  The very generous M&S ladies manning these stations were quick to scoop you up, and even offer you seconds and thirds.

The flavors were deliciously complex (See?  Nuffnang mind liiink...) ranging from Cookies, Cake and Cream to Molten Chocolate Brownie to Millionaire's Shortcake Indulgent Ice Cream.  We tasted them all (Uh-huh, we did!).  I furiously recommend the New York Blueberry Cheesecake Bliss while Kalakal Kid's passionate choice would be that lovely 'hic!' a minute, Cornish Clotted Cream Rum & Raisin.

Really, if you just want to drop everything and reach for that much-needed comfort food, why stop at Mango Bango, right?  With M&S new ice cream line, comfort was achieved --in style!  And it's only Thursday!

Of course, it being a Nuffnang thing, there just has to be freebies.  A British lootbag with M&S sweets and then we got for ourselves an M&S anti-melt tote filled with Belgian Chocolate Honeycombs and ...eherm... more Cornish Clotted Cream Rum & Raisin.
Yum, yum, yum!

Aww, you want some?  I'll give you a hug.  :P

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


The best time to be a freelancer is when you're already tired of the glitz and glamor.  When you're over seeing your name on an awards night marquee.  When you're done proving yourself to the industry because you already have... eons ago.

Because if you're still longing for some kind of fanfare for every feature article you wrote, then maybe --just maybe-- you're not ready to go mercenary.

Fanfare is a bonus.  It's cool if and when it happens.  But the norm in this solo business is this:  You get jobs that have you ghostwriting for head honchos, and I can bet you they won't thank you at the end of their speech.  You get to write your best work yet --and then see it produced by someone else.  You get to brainstorm with people who will easily snag credit for your ideas once your back is turned.  You get to throw in valuable inputs that can do marketing or advertising good, and then be ignored.

Believe me, this kind of 'tragedy' is no great shakes.  All it takes is maturity.  Emotional detachment.  And a hard-nosed business sense.  Authorship isn't all that important when you're already paid.  I know that sounds too 'hit man'.  Maybe I was a little crass.  You should, of course, still have passion for great work.  But in this stage in your life, not passion for roses-at-your-feet recognition.

I read somewhere that there will come a time when your mission in life changes.  When you're all for creating and contributing rather than obtaining and accumulating.  That's where your mindset should be.

I can't really remember who said that so now it feels like I'm snagging credit for his or her wisdom.  But hey, it's freelancing.  :P  Whoever you are, thanks!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Immerse Yourselves in Immersion

I blogged about insights a while back. Remember that?  Something about how coming up with a good ad meant getting out and interviewing your product's target market in their own habitat?  Getting the true blue pulse on how your ad should be sold?
Well, there's another way to get things done.  It's called immersion.  It's YOU actually experiencing the product so you know first hand how it should be communicated to others.

Immersion is usually fun and scary at the same time.  Trying out something new is not always an easy trip.  For example:  Last week, I had to immerse myself in a product called ...pilates.

Well, a Raketista's gotta do what a Raketista's gotta do, so off to Options Studio we go!
Options Studio, by the way, is the best place to experience pilates to the core.  It's got top notch innovations in Pilates for Leisure, for Sports, for Postural Correction, for Rehab, for Flexible Strength, for Fitness.  Each of those comes with a set of workout equipment.
That's where the RedCord comes in.

Ok, I'm not gonna lie.  I was terrible.  Worst noob ever.  That RedCord just didn't like me.  If I were Chris (our instructor), I would've started beating myself up with a stick as I hung stupidly there.  Instead, he stuck on and showed me the... er... ropes with the patience and professionalism of a Singapore-trained Pilates man.  Later on, I found out that all of the instructors there were just as sterling as our good man, Chris.  Props to Options Studio for that!

After an hour hanging, twisting and balancing on (and, yes, falling off) that Red Cord, I was sincerely sore the next day. Of course, you don't get that much talked about relaxed feeling post-Pilates in just one go.  But the mere fact that I ached muscles in areas I never even knew I had is proof that the whole workout worked.  And quite honestly, I felt fulfilled.  And challenged.  I'll conquer you next time, RedCord!

So will I be able to write about Pilates after that immersion?  Absolutely! 
As soon as I'm able to sit up again.  Owww...