Friday, January 24, 2014

How to Ride 2014

The Year of the Horse. For you, this is bound to be a pleasant trot through the field of fancy, or a crazy-ass bronco ride in the rodeo of death.

Um, yeah.
So I would like to present you some tips on surviving this 2014 ride.

1. Travel light.
Oh, please. You're entering the new year with issues? That is so last year! Emotional baggage of 2013 stays in 2013. Start the new year fresh! Don't worry. You have plenty of time to make brand new issues. Haha!

2. Have a destination.
Resolutions are cool and all, but how about planning a mission for a change? Have that ultimate 2014 goal. Say, a huge personal project --like writing a book, putting up an exhibit. Because dieting as a goal is just so mainstream.

3. Carry a map.
Never travel blind. How about learning a new skill this year and see how this new know-how can help you maneuver better in the insane slopes of raket world? Because freelancers never stop learning. I can NOT be a broken record enough about this.

4. Choose the right road trip buddies.
Who wants to travel with slackers, moochers, ditchers, and backseat drivers? This year, choose business partners that can really make a difference in what you do. This includes getting out of your comfort zone partners and seeking new ones. Scary, huh? Oh, but it can be worth it.

5. Horsepower, on!
Work like a horse. Goes without saying. But I said it anyway. *facepalms*

6. Plan Stop overs.
I'm totally guilty here. I didn't have a single vacation planned for 2013. Not even the annual Christmas Snow World cheapster trip. Sad. Don't be like me. Diversion is important. Rewarding yourself is important. Otherwise, you're just seconds away from wrecking this train.

7. And do take the scenic route.
You know all those 'Be Positive' BS your friends post on FB? This is my version. Take on new challenges and be happy about them. Because that's what freelancing is all about --taking things on. If you think raket life is de shitz, then it will be. If you say, "I own you, 2014! Show me awesomeness!", then that will come into view.

This 2014 road trip can be smooth, and it can also be bumpy. But guess what --you're the one holding the reins, and you always will be.
Let's ride!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

BRAND IT! with Party Bliss

Aah... the sweet, sweet eye candy that is branding. You know how important that is. Companies pay big moolah for a good logo they can advertise, market, merchandise. Because putting your name and look out there is the key to attention and recall. Same goes for independent businesses.  Heck, even freelancing.

For me and my husband, branding came in the form of delightfully printed coffee mugs, gifts from Party Bliss by As&NLots of love to you guys! Love how they maximised Bulalo Mismo's logo with a classy wrap-around design.

And how they complimented RaketChick's simple logo with a brightly colored inner mug lining.

Now my hubby's business can reach out to more people with a future promotional venture.

And, I can work better knowing that my mug is on a mug. Lol! I get motivation from the simplest things, sue me.

On that note, remember that branding is crucial. To either build your business, or to simply give yourself a personal pat on the back for having an identity that is distinct from others --thus, giving you a more focused purpose.
On that note (part 2): This is why Logo Development should be given more financial attention on your rate card. Pronto!

For us independent moneymakers, word-of-mouth is cool, but having our own visual cue is better. When that sinks in, call Party Bliss by As&N. And make your presence in this cluttered world count.

3 keywords to remember, folks: Branding. Merchandising. Party!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 and I had a bad breakup...

But, it was expected.

We had a whirlwind romance that's a thousand times dizzying than a rollercoaster ride. It was more like that creaky Octopus ride at the school fair -- It cruelly whipped my body around by mechanical force and relentlessly spun me in my seat by gravitational pull. And by that, it made it seem like that pounding sensation in my head was partly my fault, too. Pretty damn devious.

2013 was a bad boy. Exciting me, giving me all these false hopes at the start of the year. Driving me to slave away for empty promises. Only to be smacked with a barrage of let-downs and bad luck in quick succession from mid to end. December alone was a mishap party. One unexpected plot twist after another with absolutely no time to powder in between.

After the last blow in December 30 (and I am thankful that December 31 was spared), I started wondering if there was ever romance between us at all. Has it always been a one-sided affair? Did I assume 2013 even cared?

Last night, 2013 left me without a word. It's almost as if it never came into my life. Though I do have the battered wife-like physical, emotional, and mental scars to prove that it did.

Like most bad relationships, the best way to get out it is... ALIVE. Stronger. And wiser. Enough with the quick-to-trust, easy-to-get, love-to-please mindset and heartset. Enough of that 'I know you'll take care of me' comfort zone.

So, 2014, I don't know what 2013 told you about me. But nope --despite the recent breakup, I'm far from vulnerable.