Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Welcome to Karisafication Nation!

Going a little off-format here.  I would've written this on my parenting/family blog, but that one showcases a nicer side of me.  And I am definitely not one to spread niceties right now.  So let's go with that badass RaketChick, shall we?

I have a wonderful friend who has 2 beautiful babies.  Her name is Karisa.  And she has adrenal cancer.

Ever heard of that kind of cancer?  Me neither.  Because it's a sneaky bastard kind of cancer.  You never know it's there until you're way up there on Stage 4.  Sucks.  Severely sucks.
But how does Karisa handle it?  With grace and balls, of course!  Because that's how it rolls in Karisaland.  Her 6-step plan to cancer butt-whipping is outlined below.

1.  Turn your plight into an advocacy.
Instead of hosting a pity party, Karisa is exposing adrenal cancer for what it is.  Why should it slink in the shadows?  People must know it exists!  We've put up the Karisafication! page for everyone's info sharing, fundraising, love-friendship-confidence building.  It's an army for the adrenal cancer awareness and stomping advocacy.  Everyone's free to jump in!

2.  Know your enemy.
Research is the key to facing a shrouded character.  While you have your doctors, open yourself up to a second opinion.  Get backed up by a foundation.  Write down everything an expert has to say.  And remember, Google is your friend.  Every problem has a solution if you know everything about it. 

3.  Name your enemy.
This is a secret weapon. When you give cancer a name, it becomes easier to push over.  Karisa's named hers Theo.  It's not the Big C.  It's just Theo.

4.  Consider yourself blessed.  Always.
Never face all this alone.  Karisa's one strong bitch.  And she has a whole pack of like-minded friends and family backing her up on this.  Hence, Karisafication Nation.  Never ever think you can't rely on anyone.  Everyone is blessed with a support system, even if you're not aware of it.

5.  Be fashionable for tests, check ups, and consultations.
Karisa recommends this with a passion.  Never go to the hospital looking whipped --because you're not.  Fashion is, in fact, a good confidence builder.  Hot blue pants and Vera Wang for Kohls scarf was yesterday's OOTD.  What could be next?

6.  FIGHT!
Karisafication! isn't just a cutesy name for a group.  It's a battlecry!  For all those in the same boat and coasting through the dark, get yourself Karisafied by knowing how to cope and survive.  Karisafication! is a living, thriving community that doesn't give clear cut answers, but it does help you through this every single step of the way.. the Karisa way.  You can join the movement here and here.  No one should take Adrenal Cancer/Theo/Wumba/Lulabelle/Slinky/Jerky/Doodoohead sitting down.

Karisa.  RaketChick supports that bitch.  I'm Karisafying Cancer.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

FREE Happy Even Afters to Solo Flighters!

So a solo mom and a freelance Creative walk into a bar...

What do you think they talked about?
What they learned for the day, of course!  If there's one common denominator between a mom-gone-solo and a Creative-gone-mercenary, it's their openness to push themselves to new heights of knowledge and skill.  Entering realms of paradigm shifts in the name of self-sufficiency.

Like, I'm a writer by profession and I just started making storyboards on my own a few days ago.  I'm suddenly a Photoshopping whiz!  Imagine that.  My solo mom friend, on the other hand, once a banker --has turned publisher!  Releasing a gem called Happy Even After: A Solo Mom's Journal, a book brimming with child care tips, inspirational tidbits, heart-to-heart stories, and pages for a solo mom's own achievement cataloging.

If you're a solo mom or a solo moneymaker, share your riveting nuggets of independent learning on the comment box below.  And, I'll give you your very own copy of HAPPY EVEN AFTER:  A SOLO MOM'S JOURNAL --absolutely free!  I'll be choosing three.  Because THREE rhymes with FREE. Teehee. 

Were you once a damsel in distress who's now an expert at changing flat tires?
Were you once a money splurger and now a fully transformed professional budgeteer?
Did you ever rely on take-out in the old days but now cook like a boss on your own?

How has going solo made you learn new stuff and made you HAPPY EVEN AFTER... I'm dying to know, and reward you for it.  Heck, I'm feeling all generous I'll even ship you your Happy Even After book for free if you live in Metro Manila!  Yep, I'm a giver.  Haha!  Just my little way of saying Happy Holidays to solo mommying and freelancing. :)

What are you waiting for?  Fill up those comment boxes with Independence and Happiness!

UPDATE:  I've received some really cool sharing in both my comment box and Nuffnangx convo box!  Thanks!  You can share some more until December 30. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Good Taste, Great Pairings With San Miguel Lifestyle Brews

As my self-proclaimed kitchen king hubby always say, "There's always a reason to drink beer."  And that's why he makes great food to go with it.
My take:  "Yes, there's always a reason --and you can satisfy them all with a Great Pairing suggestion.  San Miguel Lifestyle Brews + Awesome Food = Helluva drinking experience that's above the ordinary!"

Yes, it's an equation.  I majored in Nerdology.

For instance...
San Miguel Premium All-Malt + Garlic Butter Shrimp = Success
This beer sits nicely in the middle of my make-or-break dinner with my most discriminating clients.  Coupled with my husband's classic Garlic Butter Shrimp, San Miguel Premium All-Malt Beer goes down with its distinctive taste that makes it a status symbol maker.   This great pairing is a smooth statement that tells my clients I have sophistication, style, success.  Oh yeah.  In business, you drink to impress. *snap-snap*

San Miguel Super Dry + Extra Spicy Sisig = Sizzle
Ah, old reliable.  It's there when I want to wrap up a long productive week.  Best served with my husband's Extra Spicy Sisig.  Best enjoyed with my extra feisty girlfriends.  San Miguel Super Dry's crisp, dry taste and elegant finish complements the fire and crackle of sisig.  This great pairing is how hardworking, strong ladies have fun and recharge for next day's war.  GRAAAHH!!!

Cerveza Negra + Cheesecake Chunks = Satisfaction
After all is said and done, there's that rich multi-sensorial experience that can only be Cerveza Negra.  This caramel-flavored, full-bodied dark lager and my very own Cheesecake Chunks recipe is definitely a marriage made in winding-down heaven. I recommend you take this great pairing slowly and pleasurably, completely uninterrupted.  Except may be if you drink with someone you want to cuddle with in between gulps --which I did.  Cheese-y...

Obviously, this pairing tops my list of Lifestyle Brew favorites.
One, the play of flavors reaches comfort food level.  If you're a freelancer, this is your delicious de-stressor.
Two, it's a quiet, gratifying, and honestly, romantic adventure you can have at home.  I'm not a bar person.  Yep, nerd.
Three,  I cooked up this great pairing myself.  And my husband loved it!  Boo-yeah! :P

Drinking experience that's above the ordinary!
I bet you're raring to do your own Great Pairing, aren't you?  So head on over to the San Miguel Lifestyle Brews website and see what magic you can cook up tonight.  There's a guaranteed wonderful experience for you in every matched-up brew.
(Woohoo!  Finally got to use that!)

Thursday, December 6, 2012


This was totally lifted from the net.  I don't even have any idea where it came from originally.

But more than a bad list, it's a fun list!  It tells us that bad analogies can still work specially if you're aiming at humor.  This list is actually awesome inspiration for when you're writing for comedy.  Which is essentially one of the sturdiest backbones of a viral video project.  Or, of a catchy headline ad or online banner ad.

I don't know about you guys, but this just rocked my shorts and my copywriting brain.  Haha!
You must understand though that it's already 4:02 AM here and I'm on my 3rd coffee mug.  I may be waaay too easy to please right now. :P

Monday, December 3, 2012

My First Moleskine

I'm not one of those serious, ultra meticulous artists out there.  I'm more of a hobo artist.  In fact, I still cringe and blush when I refer to myself as an artist.  *cringes and blushes upon typing those words*  I don't require fancy paper to get the job done.  I sketch on the margins of discarded documents and on the backboards of old cereal boxes.  And I'm fine with that.  I'm ghetto like that.
And then one day, I decided to part ways with a thousand bucks to buy myself a Moleskine Sketchbook.

Honestly, nothing.  I had an el chep-o sketch pad in one hand and then this spasm overtook my body.  I blacked out.  The next thing I knew, I was at the counter holding the most expensive piece of art supply I have ever purchased in my entire life.

Upon closer inspection, the Moleskine yields 104 pages.
Each, heavy acid free paper.
Each, thick with a texture so smooth, you glide on it.
The book totes easily at 13 x 21cm.
It even has a very convenient expandable inner pocket.
And a garter binder that hugs the leather bound book close when not in use.
It screamed quality.  Altogether a glorious buy!

And so, regrets long gone, let this day be known as the day I finally jumped into a higher class of artistry and taste.  Gingerly --and extra cautiously-- I dove in!
With Panda Ballpen.
(What were you expecting?  A fountain pen?  Let's not rush this initiation into quality, ok?!)
And I am superbly pleased. 

The Moleskine Sketchbook is available at Fullybooked for Php1,195.00.