Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

I'd like to think I'm as classy as caviar and as tough as nails when it comes to being a double agent (read:  regularly servicing a bunch of clients who actually compete with one another).  It takes a lot of craftsmanship and panache.  Something like what Mandaue Foam Furniture Store dishes out on a regular basis.

So is it any wonder why I would only choose to come home to Mandaue Foam?

When working indoors, I'd like to burn the midnight oil on a Mandaue Foam MMLDC Desk and Chair.
Resembling Roman Numerals in design (hence, the name... duh.), this classic beauty is sturdy enough to carry my laptop, cellphone, research materials, and product samples.  I bet it's sturdy enough to shield me from an onslaught of rush jobs, too.

When simply lounging, I'd like to reflect... literally.  I choose the Mandaue Foam Circle Mirror.
I might just be a closet narcissist but when I blowdry my hair or apply my smokey eyes on, I'd like to see myself in every angle, in a multitude of versions.  Lol!  I also think this mirror can easily expose an AE sneaking up on me from behind.

Finally, when night (or daybreak) falls, I'd like to settle comfortably on a Mandaue Foam Caprice.
The majestic Caprice is not only perfect for Mandaue Foam's signature soft mattress, it also has a built-in multi-purpose backboard that can house my notebooks for when an idea makes an unexpected pop in my brain in the middle of an unholy hour.  It can also house weaponry to cut off the phone line just in case a client calls in the middle of an unholy hour.

If you want the same fashionable and functional touch in your home,  check out this lovely ad about falling in love with Mandaue Foam.

And... if you want to be a kickass double agent like me, take the Bourne Legacy movie tutorial that Nuffnang and Mandaue Foam are premiering soon.
Ooooh, yeeeahhh!


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