Immerse Yourselves in Immersion

I blogged about insights a while back. Remember that?  Something about how coming up with a good ad meant getting out and interviewing your product's target market in their own habitat?  Getting the true blue pulse on how your ad should be sold?
Well, there's another way to get things done.  It's called immersion.  It's YOU actually experiencing the product so you know first hand how it should be communicated to others.

Immersion is usually fun and scary at the same time.  Trying out something new is not always an easy trip.  For example:  Last week, I had to immerse myself in a product called ...pilates.

Well, a Raketista's gotta do what a Raketista's gotta do, so off to Options Studio we go!
Options Studio, by the way, is the best place to experience pilates to the core.  It's got top notch innovations in Pilates for Leisure, for Sports, for Postural Correction, for Rehab, for Flexible Strength, for Fitness.  Each of those comes with a set of workout equipment.
That's where the RedCord comes in.

Ok, I'm not gonna lie.  I was terrible.  Worst noob ever.  That RedCord just didn't like me.  If I were Chris (our instructor), I would've started beating myself up with a stick as I hung stupidly there.  Instead, he stuck on and showed me the... er... ropes with the patience and professionalism of a Singapore-trained Pilates man.  Later on, I found out that all of the instructors there were just as sterling as our good man, Chris.  Props to Options Studio for that!

After an hour hanging, twisting and balancing on (and, yes, falling off) that Red Cord, I was sincerely sore the next day. Of course, you don't get that much talked about relaxed feeling post-Pilates in just one go.  But the mere fact that I ached muscles in areas I never even knew I had is proof that the whole workout worked.  And quite honestly, I felt fulfilled.  And challenged.  I'll conquer you next time, RedCord!

So will I be able to write about Pilates after that immersion?  Absolutely! 
As soon as I'm able to sit up again.  Owww...


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