Tuhog, Tahi, at Pagtatagni-tagni

What the hell am I talking about?!!
Winging it at its finest, that's what.
Well, partly.  Mostly, this is a Creative's strategic bid to 'getting your act together', making sense of the senseless, and in some instances, turning dump into diamonds.

Er, let me explain...

TUHOG:  The ability to somehow make a disconnected execution connect seamlessly with the proposed strategy.  This usually occurs the night before a pitch.  This takes skill and fighting spirit.  Sometimes if the execution won't bend accordingly, the strat will have to go Avatar-like and do its own bending.

TAHI:  The power to marry 2 unrelated concepts to create a cohesive whole.  This stroke of genius usually comes from the client who thinks Studies is just a fancy word for Lego Bricks.  As in actual matrimony, you should be able to combine qualities of both options without a hitch.  Get it?  Married?  Hitched? :)

TAGNI-TAGNI:  The gift of accumulating a number of ideas into a solid one.  This requires a bit of background in Hogwarts wizardry.  It's tough but not impossible.  This usually occurs when the ECD, CD, and CEO have varying inputs.  Or when the client's product has absolutely no focused benefit.  It has... everything!

Important note:  None of these should be the norm.  And yet, more often than not, they are.  That's why you still have to know how to play them in the rare (RARE?!) occasions they come up.

You can always say no, of course.  Specially when it's too obvious that a conceptual or executional mutation can only come out as, well, a scary mutation.  But as a freelancer, you should know when to give in, too.  And how to give in without selling out.  Your finished material should still come out stellar... or at least, semi-stellar.  The kind you can still admit ownership to with a smidgen of pride.

Only then will you be able to 'tuhog' your worth to your 'tahi-tahing' talents in this crazy 'tagni-tagni' world of advertising.
You saw what i did there?


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