How to Deal with Tentacle Rape

Ha!  Got your attention there, didn't I?
But this being a RaketChick post, you know it can only be a metaphor for something about freelancing survival (Boooo....!).
How's that for a splash of cold water?

So... in Hentai-speak, tentacle rape is the mother all of all abusive scenarios.  In Raketistai-speak, that would be a scenario wherein a client abuses you with a number of jobs that goes beyond your contracted scope of work --with no extra pay!  He or she deftly calls it during crunch time.  Before you know it, on top of conceptualizing and writing --you're art directing, casting for talents, sourcing for props, taking on the role of a hand talent, and hand maid to your client.  You get a genuine beating left and right with your hands and legs tied way over your head!

It's a given that most passionate raketistas would bend over backwards for the ultimate success of a project.  This doesn't mean we're open to being treated like multi-talented doormats though.

Consider these questions before allowing yourself to be violated.
1.  Can your multitasking skills actually hack this?
2.  Will you learn something valuable from this experience?
2.  Will the extra work add a dainty laurel on your portfolio?
3.  Is there a huge chance that this can lead to bigger business in the future?
4.  Will you, shamefully, like it?

If all your answers fall in the YESSIR! category, then by all means, spread yourself.  Thinly.  But do prepare for a world of hurt.  It will be tiring, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Mostly because you're giving your all and more for free.  Simply take it like a raketista and learn from it.  One lesson is to keep away from tentacled clients.  Or --if you're such a masochist-- establish, at least, a 'safe word'.

*My apologies to Nickelodeon for borrowing Squidward.  Let it be known that deep inside, I love him so much, it hurts.


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