Dare to Dream Machine

There are 2 things you learn in Advertising:
One, Tell a story.
Two, Strengthen this story by pulling it out into several forms.

One thing you learn in Freelancing:
Dare to apply these lessons even outside of Advertising.

Our good friend, Edwin Tres Reyes, did all those and shares them in an art exhibit you once thought was only the stuff of dreams.  Billed Dream Machine, Edwin --a corporate art director by day and an artist extraordinaire at heart-- takes us into a series of captivating storytelling sessions told on canvas and translated into resin sculptures.  
"WHOA!" falls short in describing his mirrored creations.

On the surface, you will gawk at the amazing detail.  On a deeper plane, you will see something that goes beyond an expression of child's play.  There are moments captured in every piece.  There are adventures begging to be made.

What I particularly love about this collection is that so unlike the usual artist gallery exhibit, it dared to progress its storytelling.  From what was imagined in a gilded oil painting assumes reality in a more tangible, more solid, three dimensional form.  Like I said, it's a campaign.  And it's breathtaking.
I know, I know.  I'm doing another verbal interpretative dance here.  What can I do --great works of art unleash the poet in me.

If you've ever thought of extending your craft for a personal greater good, a bigger story, a loftier dream, then take your cue from Edwin. 
You can still catch Dream Machine today, June 8, at Vinyl on Vinyl.  Don't miss it.  It's your last day to dare to dream.

*photos from the artist's page


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