The Freelancer's LookBook

I'm hurt. For some strange, stereotyping reason, a number of people seem to think that the typical freelancers' 'look' is 24-hour bum-esque. (Yes, I'm talking to you, neighbor with the noisy myna bird!) Now, THAT is an insult! We don't ALWAYS look like that!

Like most normal Creatives, freelancers do dress to fit a variety of occasions. In fact, a lot of us tend to push the fashion envelope a bit. Observe...

Every first project briefing/client encounter is like America's Next Top Model for us. We need to show our personality and credibility in one go. We want to project uniqueness and powerpacked-ness. During these meetings, "Ta-daah!" is an understatement.

Video cons are the ultimate fashion cons. Business on top. chillax at the bottom. Why not? As long as we don't suddenly get up to pee, no one will ever know.

For us Pitchaholics, that's Me2Day almost EVERY day. Burning the midnight oil alone calls for one dress code and one dress code only: Ultra Comfy! Inspiration, welcome home.

Driven freelancers take huge presentations to town with what I'd like to call 'gimmick gear'. These embellishments actually help sell our concepts, and positively smother our client with our go-getter attitude. PLUS POGI POINTS!

If we're talking low budget production here (and we usually are), chances are we are the Creative, the AE, the Producer, and the Director in one. Time to go uber gung-ho with our goal-pumped multi-tasking skills ...with poise, of course.

Kubra Day is Happy Day with some painful spikes. Red tape, long waits, client-to-client-to-client trips, Impatience Musculaire, and --heavens forbid-- pay check malfunction. Before we dive in, we'll need extra support.

When we do get a break and meet with friends, we get the usual "So... how are you holding up?" question. This is when we add something flashy to our ensemble. Say, a tiny new bling that subtly mutters, "I'm doin' hell fine, bro!"

See? We don't always look like delegates to the Hobo Holiday. Although if you'd ask us to choose, Freelance Fashion Trend No.3 would still be our favourite. Well..err...mine anyway.


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