Bling Out The Skullz!

No matter how mature you feel you've grown into through the years, some things you never really outgrow.
For me, it's the love for black, boots, creepy dolls, and skulls.

So when I got this 4-Skull Ring from the Life Simplification Sale, I told myself I'd stray from my usual freelancing tips agenda and go on full style blogger mode. Which isn't really me. But what the hell.

Sterling and glossy, this bling gives you four sides of sassy. The first side is the typical off-white skull. Perfect for when I want to project that 'Don't mess with me' integrity. Perfect paired with my tough 'I mean business' Haurex timepiece.

Side 2 is Blue. Blue is my fourth favorite colour (after Black, Red, and Purple), so yeah. This skull side works for me on weekends when blue jeans make it into my wardrobe. Here, my short jeannies are Tommies.

Side 3 is Yellow. You can never have too many yellow skulls! This set pops against my usual dark clothing. It's like a 'Boo!' in the night. You can get the awesome skull bracelet in a variety of shades from The Berry Vintage.

Side 4 is...uh... well... pink.
Ok, if you know me, you know I abhor pink. It just doesn't make my day. It's frou-frou, it's pretty, it's sweet --it represents everything I'm not. So when I use this skull side, I balance it off with my metal-finish 'F*ck U!' gun ring. Bang! Dead! Skull! See the struggling storyline there?  Hehe. I got my gun ring from The Ramp Crossings.

I know, I know. I suck as a style blogger. And that is why I'm not one. Guess I can't outgrow my freelancing blogger shtick either.
But if you like anything you see here, just click on the links and have a blast!
Break over. Back to our regular programming.


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