BRAND IT! with Party Bliss

Aah... the sweet, sweet eye candy that is branding. You know how important that is. Companies pay big moolah for a good logo they can advertise, market, merchandise. Because putting your name and look out there is the key to attention and recall. Same goes for independent businesses.  Heck, even freelancing.

For me and my husband, branding came in the form of delightfully printed coffee mugs, gifts from Party Bliss by As&NLots of love to you guys! Love how they maximised Bulalo Mismo's logo with a classy wrap-around design.

And how they complimented RaketChick's simple logo with a brightly colored inner mug lining.

Now my hubby's business can reach out to more people with a future promotional venture.

And, I can work better knowing that my mug is on a mug. Lol! I get motivation from the simplest things, sue me.

On that note, remember that branding is crucial. To either build your business, or to simply give yourself a personal pat on the back for having an identity that is distinct from others --thus, giving you a more focused purpose.
On that note (part 2): This is why Logo Development should be given more financial attention on your rate card. Pronto!

For us independent moneymakers, word-of-mouth is cool, but having our own visual cue is better. When that sinks in, call Party Bliss by As&N. And make your presence in this cluttered world count.

3 keywords to remember, folks: Branding. Merchandising. Party!


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