The Inspiration that is TOBIAS KWAN.

I would like to shed massive spotlight and a hefty amount of drum roll to my newest favorite artist, Tobias Kwan.
WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!! This guy is incredible! Just look at his doodles! His roughs make my roughs look like day-old pigeon potty.

His taste for the dark, the disturbing, and the bizarre makes me feel like I have a connection with him. Eherm... a very far connection. From point A which is his breathtaking pencil concepts to point Z which is my day-old pigeon potty. Damn, do I have a long way to go!

His colored work makes me want to explore color, too. I've always had this fear of color. Let's call it Colorophobia for conversation's sake. It kills the emotional rawness of your art, in my opinion. But Tobias (first name basis... yesss!) made me realize that hues don't have to do that. He chooses dark tinges with bright surprises here and there --which catches your attention, but doesn't take away your right to deeper imagination.

Oops, have I fangirled too much?

Check out more of Tobias Kwan's work here. Be weirded out or be inspired, it's your choice. The important thing is that he's touched you, and made you think.


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