Struggling with Pigmentophobia

OCDically documenting.

I was never a fan of colour so this is a bold, albeit lame, move for me. People who know me can attest to the fact that I have Pigmentophobia (coined). My art is monochromatic, my clothes are all black, and my happy version of food is of the one-hued palate.
Going back to art, I'm scared of mixing shades to come up with something pretty and glorious and shit. I'm just positive (or negative) that I'd botch it up.
And yet yesterday, after enduring Hell Week in the hands of demanding work projects, there I was --stroking away with one year-old, only slightly used Maped Coloured Pencils.

Yeah. It's not much. Baby steps. Hey, the last time I dove happily into the world of colour was in preschool!

If you want to see the other junk I put up for the world to see and cringe to, check out RaketChickGrams.  Don't expect sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns though.


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