Distraction Fact: Fiction

Writing ads for a kitchen utensil, dog food, or some banging new juice drink can be a complete thrill. But sometimes, you have to wonder… what else is there?

Let me introduce you to a brand new distraction then: ONLINE FICTION WRITING!!!

(awkward pause… cue crickets…)

Okay, so it's not skydiving and it's still writing. But this is the kind of distraction for those people who are too wimpy to step out of their comfort zones completely. Like me. Besides, the discipline of ad writing and fiction writing are woooorlds apart. From selling a product to building a tale from ground zero. From telling a full story in a tagline to telling a story in multiple chapters. From crisp word choices to flowery, flowery prose. AND I love writing! So there!

Well then, Online Fiction Writing. Where do you start?

This is the writer's playground. It allows you to blog, write novels, reviews, poetry, haiku, screenplays, what-have-you. It's for the writer who wants to explore writing outside of the usual brand sell but still doesn't want to give in to a huge commitment such as just writing fiction.

Now, more focus. Okay, as the name suggests, you're here to write a story that comes purely from your imagination. No prompts. No briefing. You're out to create a landscape all on your own. The cool thing about this site is that it allows you to write on a variety of genre. Be it fluff, smut, action, suspense, horror, supernatural. Choose your jam.

Even more focus. This site zooms in on one particular genre. Erotica aka smut. There are other sites that are more particular with the kind of writing genre you want. I just chose this site because. Well. Because.

Here's the cool part. All online fiction writing sites give you the option of enabling online commentary so you get to be praised and dissed by a bunch of strangers. FUN!

And that's where fanfic sites come in. Be it a Harry Potter, Twilight, Sleepy Hollow, The Walking Dead fanfic site, your story is bound to get positive reviews because you're writing about well-loved characters with immense reader fan bases. Here's a tip: Asian fanfic sites are teeming with fangirls who will love your story no matter what. Okay, not really. They will still judge you. You'd be surprised at how many awesome authors actually write in fanfic sites to hone their skills.

Now, you must be asking --"Will I earn from this?" OF COURSE NOT! It's just a distraction. And it's fun. Kinda like skydiving. But, not.

So if you want a break from the usual, go get your fiction going!
What are you waiting for?
A briefing?

*RaketChick's shotgun is inspired by Nerf SledgeFire


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