Here's a Shirtload!

Have you ever come across a statement so cool, so clever, that you wished you could have it printed on a T-shirt? I have. All the time. And I relentlessly kick myself on the head for not having thought of those awesome words myself. And then I kick myself again for tempting copyright infringement.

So, just for kicks, I've compiled a few of my Statement Tee-worthy picks right here for your viewing pleasure. Please take note that none of these belong to me. Although I wish they did.

When choosing a statement to lord over your chest plate, you gotta keep in mind that this is something people will see, read, and assume represents your philosophy in life. Hence, this first choice. It defines me.

Aside from a caustic tongue, I am also popular --and I use 'popular' rather loosely-- for loving coffee beyond reason. So this is pick number 2. My inner grammar Nazi is cringing at the lack of a comma in there. But like I said, these cool statements are not mine. Moochers cannot be choosers.

I call this third pick my Post-Pitch Win shirt. Yeah! Sometimes I don't feel like verbalising my awesomeness. But I'd be happy to jut my arrogant chest out for you. Haha!

Fourth pick: The Workaholic Tee that fits me to a T! Like… Like an Audrey Hepburn satin glove. Dude, there's fresh business to be had! Sleep is for babies! GET THE FUDGE UP!

And lastly, a little subtlety. There are rare occasions when I want to make a statement without fanfare. Very rare. And if this were on a shirt, it would be vague but would still be the textile testament to my greatness. Or so I think. Lol!

There you have it. My Statement Tee-Worthy Picks.
They are the finest of the fold. They speak to me and of me on so many levels. But since I can't use them without buying them (and I'm just way too cheap to live), I guess I can always resort to this.


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