The Reunion and The Freelancer

In memory of a holiday blog entry which I failed to post last year --Geez, that's like, what, eons ago!-- I would like to make up for it by writing about one of the holiday's biggest banes to our freelancing existence.

The dreaded… reunion.

Christmas and New Year are like beacons to long-awaited get-togethers. After all, 'tis the season to catch up, save face, and piss high in full view of your contemporaries. But, in the middle of ever-flowing booze and never-ending flashbacks, is the reunion really an easy task for us? Mmm… not all the time. It's all fun and games until someone pokes you with the question: "So, where do you work now?" Suddenly, you're plagued with wave upon wave of possible retorts. "None of your fucking business!', one of the forerunners.

The truth is, Freelancing is your thing. Not everyone's thing. It's not as easy as "I'm a doctor at Medical City." and the conversation ends there with a mild spattering of "Oohs" and "Aahs". To this day, Freelancing is still a vague concept.

Let me run you through some true-to-life scenarios and tell me if one of them rings a bell.

The Family Reunion

The Office Reunion

The School Reunion

Ah, the reunion. It's like a blackhole that sucks the fun out of inebriation.
But know this. Even if no one completely understands your thing or how you survive through it all, the fact that people have something to say about it means you are a mysterious yet interesting specimen. In time, family and friends and that skank from high school will open up to the seriousness and badassness of what you do.
Next reunion, maybe?

Happy New Year, Freelancers! --Geez, that should've been said like, what, eons ago!


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