Creativity Entrepreneurship Summit: NAILED IT!

This amazing quote is just one of the empowering tidbits I picked up from last weekend's Creative Entrepreneurship Summit.
Speaking of empowerment, that's just one of the three goodies you come home with if you managed to attend this event. The other two are education and entertainment.

The Creative Entreprenurship Summit is the brainchild of Writer's Block, and I'm hoping it's the first of many other summit babies. I've been to a whole lot of these kinds of events that they've become cookie cutter in nature. But Writer's Block's version offered so much more.

First, it's a tight group, making the ambience cozier and more personal.
Second, the presentation format started with speakers sharing their journeys from the ground up. So you get inspired rather than lectured.
Fourth, the speakers were a dynamic bunch. Great choice!
And lastly, each speaker has a gem of knowledge to share.

From the Writer's Block duo themselves, Ana Santos and Nikka Sarthou-Lainez-- The idea of changing your mindset. You cannot make a business by thinking small. get out of your sideline mentality and think big. Think entrepreneurship.

From social media strategist, Ross Juan --Getting your business going doesn't mean sitting solo in front of your laptop. You have to do social networking online and offline to build collaborations and build business. Earn your social butterfly degree!

From Anton Diaz, founder of --It's all about sharing your experiences. When blogging, change your tone. Instead of being a critic, take the readers on an experiential trip along with your own. This warm approach has earned the site a following that's…well, awesome.

From RJ Ledesma, lifestyle columnist, author and host --Diversify. Don't just stick to one talent if you know you've got loads. Excel and earn awards from each talent, too. That's how you boost your ego and motivation, and your asking talent fee, too.

From Darlyn Tee, Founder of Bell de Jour Planner --Really, really invest on consumer insight. Send out surveys to know what your public wants. Involve your target market in your planning process. And come up with a product that stays true to its brand while gaining more fans (aka buyers).

From Josh Villanueva, YouTube Content Creator --Be consistent. Don't just be a one hit wonder. Be a fabulous watch every episode. And be just as consistent when you upload. This way, viewers will know when to catch you and follow you. More hits, more moolah.

From Mina Esguerra, self-published author --Do not wait for opportunity to knock. Make that opportunity happen for yourself! And while the ideas are still there, keep writing, churning, and publishing. Make your books earn for you years even when you've gone old and grey.

From Vince Golangco, Founder of --If Content is King, then Social Media is your Royal Red Carpet. Be share-able! Get yourself seen on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and more. The more 'liked' you are, the more like-able your wallet size.

You see, the Creative Emtrepreneurship summit went up on stage not just as a motivator, but an enabler.
I expect more of these, Writer's Block. Because this first was a jam-packed win!


  1. I was there. I really learned a lot from the resource speakers. I'm looking forward to attend the other events of Writer's Block this year.


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