Make Your Own Luck

For the record, I'm not a huge fan of Facebook quizzes (and, for the record, I am a well-versed hater of Facebook game requests --just sayin').  But a friend sent me the Can We Write A Poem About You? app on Facebook and, being a struggling poet myself, I was intrigued.

I half-heartedly went through the motions of the quiz knowing fully well that I'd still get a cheesy prose no matter how off-kilter I dropped answers on each and every question.

Well, surprise, surprise… I got this!

I'm sure Tom, Dick, and Harry got this little bit of poetry, too. The mysterious Jon D.B. wouldn't have gone off the handle in individualising each and every sestina he churned for the app, would he?

But still, this piece is pretty spot-on. It's pretty much a Freelancer's battle cry. And for that reason alone, I give FB and Jon D.B. a heartfelt thumbs up.
Especially for the magnificence that is the second verse. Damn.

You can take the quiz yourself (if you're into this kind of thing).


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