Perfect Home with Property24: A Dream Sequence

I'm probably the youngest home dreamer that ever walked this planet. While kids my age dreamed about rainbow unicorns and Prince Charming, I was sitting on our porch thinking "Someday, I'm gonna live in the most rockin' house ever!"

Back then, my choices relied largely on Location, location, location. But as I grew older, and my needs grew by the ton, my options for dream housing have also gone broader. Whittling that down to a fine selection, I have Property24 to thank.

Property24 is a home-hunting site that's incredibly beefed up with the best listings there is! For example…

I'm a workaholic freelance writer. Which means I'll need to be at the heart of the action at all times to get more work done. What fits the bill? The Proscenium. A swanky condo situated right smack in Rockwell. Since most of my business transactions happen in the Central Business District, I can easily jump from one meeting to another and even have time for coffee in between.

I'm also big on socialising because it opens the gates for networking. Yup, that's how much of a workaholic I am. So if I were to dream, I'd do the Bruce Wayne thing and own a luxurious property in Tagaytay Highlands. With its many rooms embraced with a backdrop of woods and nature, Aspenhills is perfect!

Of course, most days I'd like my me time as well. And that's where this exclusive beachfront paradise in Aklan comes in. Palm Ville sits alone in this private, sandy stretch where I can whip out my J.K. Rowling persona and write bestselling novels. Uh-huh. Who doesn't dream to be that mysterious writer who culls inspiration from the balcony of her very own beach house?

I can't be a workaholic forever though. There would be times when all I want to do is escape. And, really, the best escape for me is to drop everything work-related and be with family. If we lived in a beach resort, even better! Tambuli Resort in Maribago, Cebu has spacious 2-bedroom condos that give the comforts of home plus the amenities of a seaside haven.

Okay, okay… if that dream sequence is too much of a tall order, there's always this quaint, Zen Asian-inspired beauty in McKinley Hill, Taguig. Sure, it doesn't have the resort amenities, the exclusive beach, the hustle and bustle of city life, and the opulence of a mansion in the middle of the woods. But it has peace, a breezy aura, and it's in the neighbourhood of fun, health-loving people. A dreamy place I'd like my kids to grow up in.

I can add so much more to this wish list. But now, it's your turn. See all your dream houses come to life at Property24 today. I have. And it's like being a kid again getting all the goodies she wants at Christmas morn.
Hey, a girl can dream! is the fastest growing property portal in the Philippines.  They provide an effective online platform for leading Real Estate Developers, Agencies and Brokers that allows them to showcase their property listings to a wider audience of qualified prospective Buyers.
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