RaketChick for #bloggys2015!

Stop working!

Drop everything and do the most relaxing thing: Casting your vote at the premiere blogging event of the year --the BLOGGYS 2015!

It may sound daunting but, unlike local politics, voting for an awesome blog is really easy.

FIRST, choose the blog with a niche. The unique one that cuts across the clutter. Like, say, a Freelancing Survival Guide Blog. Heck, not many blogs are like that! Well, except raketchick.blogspot.com.

SECOND, choose the blog that educates, engages, and empowers readers. The one that isn't just there for show, but to genuinely help people by giving tips and tidbits for self-improvement in the middle of self-employment. Like, say, raketchick.blogspot.com.

THIRD, choose the blog that's fun! Off the top of my head, maybe one that actually has a zany comic character that represents a badass freelancer who goes about shooting monsters with her vast collection of Nerf Guns! Oh, kinda like raketchick.blogspot.com.

Easy-peasy, huh? I can make it even easier for you. Just click on THIS, scroll down, and then all you have to do is pencil in a checkmark on… oh, I dunno… raketchick.blogspot. com maybe?

And with that, I may have already pressed my luck. Haha! I'll just park it here for now, and leave you to your inner musings before you get to that relaxing task of voting. While you're at it, I'll even sing you a lullaby to calm you down…

RaketChick, baby
Vote for this blog
When your vote goes
I'll give you a huuuuug…


*music and sfx are all from iMovie's soundbank.


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