Safavid: 2016 Planner Pick

I gotta admit, this year's Perfect Planner hunt wasn't as calculated as recent years'. This was as cliche as love at first sight.
Yeah. You read that right.

Here's how it went down.
After an hour of rifling through piles of 2016 hardbound schedulers, I was already in the grips of frustration. My yearly 'I'm gonna publish my own goddamn planner!' rant reared its evil head once again, until --BAM!-- this book stack in a dark corner caught my eye. I'm not being dramatic here. It was indeed a pretty dark corner hidden from the public eye. Why is that, National Bookstore?

Paperblanks planners were at a bottom shelf at a turn between the kids' reading nook and the arts supplies area (I think… if my failing memory doesn't fail me). What got me riveted with a gasp to the stack was this heavenly beauty. The cover was both gorgeous and almost ominous --which, to me, is an absolute win-win.

The embossed detail is simply NUTS! The cover info said that this planner is called SAFAVID --a book that employs the Persian filigree pattern from the Islamic Golden Age. Very, very beautiful in its bronze, copper, and gold ensemble.

I wanted it even before I could check out the inside, which is so unlikely of me. But it didn't let me down. In contrast to the flamboyance of its cover, the inner leaves were clean and clutter-free with ample border space for personal and professional side comments.

It's riddled with doodle pages in sustainable forest paper. That alone had me sold! And… TWO metallic ribbon bookmarks?! Dayum!

It also has a memento pouch which a hoarder like me can totally use. A detachable address book in copper is a good plus, especially for someone like me who gets lost on the road on a daily basis.

The book clocks at Php 1,103.00 which can be a bit pricey for a planner. But… just look at it! DAYUM!

Other designs in the hidden collection are just as breathtaking.

Check out Paperblanks Planners at National Bookstore today. Usher in 2016 with class and drama. I mean, why not!


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