Take your drama here: Upstart's Mini Workshops

"I'm not just a copywriter. I don't just write product ads and corporate articles for clients. I'm an artiste! And I write for my passion!"

Have you had this internal monologue --this self-inflicted drama-- before? Sure you have! Maybe during those times when a client has become intolerable in clipping your creative wings. Or maybe when you were stuck in a creative rut, staring at a bottle of beer wondering... Is this what I really want to do? Is this where I really want to go? Is this really my calling?

Ok, cut the theatrics --and get into theater. Literally!
And why not? You know you have the superb storytelling skills for it. Heck, you've done all your storyboard presentations with the same aplomb as stage thespians. How different is getting into serious play-writing and acting from what you're actually doing now? Ah, yes... this time, you won't have a client breathing down your neck. This time, you'll be growing your craft... for passion!

Well, if you bought completely into my pitch, then let me introduce you to Upstart Productions' MINI WORKSHOPS!

Unleash a different side of your creativity. Learn the tricks of a whole new trade. Know what it takes to have your craft performed and lauded on stage. All these by simply joining Upstart's MINI-WORKSHOPS on Friday, October 28, at the Maybank Synergy Center. You may choose from two classes.
  • SHORT PLAY WRITING from 1:00 to 4:00 pm
  • SCENE STUDY from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Or, knock yourself out and immerse in the awesomeness of both!

To register, send Upstart Productions a message on Facebook,  or send an SMS to 09178116156. P1,000 per person per workshop.

Upstart Productions Inc. is a company of artists dedicated to the production of original, creative, and engaging material on stage. One of its founders is my good friend, Joel Trinidad, so you're definitely in good hands.
You can find the Maybank Synergy Center on 7th Avenue corner 28th Street, Bonifacio High Street, BGC.

Your drama begets drama. See you there, folks!


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