Tour de #MeronDinNyanDito!

Just when you thought Facebook has transformed into bad vibes central...
Just when you thought the Philippines has regressed into a no-fun zone...
Something magical comes along.

#MeronDinNyanDito (translated: We Have That Here, Too) is a Facebook work of genius concocted by comedian/singer/artist/friend Jhett Baroma --who, in true reflection of his many titles, sees many reasons why you should love your Motherland.
Now, don't you dare for one minute assume that this is your run-of-the-mill tourism page. It's that and more! #MeronDinNyanDito comes at you with wit and humor. Via dramatic side-by-side flair, it compares travelers' precious snapshots of iconic sights abroad with those local sights we tend to take for granted.

Care for a sampler platter?
How about something phenomenal?

Ang Fushimi Inari-taisha sa Kyoto, Japan --#MeronDinNiyanDito! Ang Nihon Koen Garden sa U.P. Los Baños
Ang Burj Al Arab building in Dubai --#MeronDinNyanDito! Ang Subaru showroom sa BGC!
Ang Flatiron Building sa New York --#MeronDinNiyanDito! Ang Sun Plaza Building sa Shaw Boulevard!
Something colossal?

Ang Windsor Castle sa UK --#MeronDinNiyanDito! Ang Chocolate Lover Castle sa Cubao
Ang buildings ng Santorini, Greece --#MeronDinNiyanDito! Ang Thunderbird Resort sa Poro Point, La Union!
Something biblical?

Ang Christ The Redeemer statue sa Rio De Janeiro, Brazil --#MeronDinNiyanDito! Ang Christ The Redeemer sa Monasterio de Tarlac!
Maybe even something... sensational?

Ang Fortress sa Cairo, Egypt --#MeronDinNiyanDito!Ang New Bilibid Prison sa Muntinlupa!
Oooh! I just killed the moment there, didn't I? *hides away*

But you gotta admit, these had you impressed. Who would've thought that the things you look for overseas can be found right here? Well, sort of. :P

So if the usual political posts on FB has gotten you down (and I'm pretty sure they have), here's a page that's bound to boost your spirits up a notch. Right now, it's that one awesome way to feel patriotic and have a good laugh, too.

#MeronDinNyanDito --check it out. You know you NEED to.


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