That 3-Point Flexibility Talk

Extra late post.
You know I was invited as one of the speakers at Writer's Block Philippines' Creative Entrepreneurs Meet-Up, right? Aside from the fabulous food and coffee, I'll have you know that my talk went well. It was different, to be honest. Whenever I'm invited to speak, it's usually about advertising --which I have memorized by heart. This time, however, I was in on the engagement to talk about freelancing. Particularly, my journey from being a corporate manager to being RaketChick. It was personal. This wasn't just something I've memorized by heart, but something that my heart literally squeezed out in the last 7 years.

To get the show on the road, I had some seriously awesome slides that covered RaketChick's WHATDA? ANONG PETSA NA?! planner's core message: FLEXIBILITY. In a nutshell...

I talked about how every freelancer should be open to learning. Whether you started freelancing at the tender age of twenty or the old age of fifty, whether you had corporate experience or not, you should know the ins and outs of your business beyond your basic craft. You can't run a business by just wearing one hat, after all.

I also talked about expanding  said basic craft. This covers exploring the range of your talent and keeping up with trends where your talent can play a huge part. Say, if you've always been a writer for ads, why not try writing for stage plays. If you've always been a poster artist, why not dabble in graphic novel illustration? Your versatility is the key to your business growth.

And finally, I introduced the idea of having a mission for yourself. Giving yourself purpose. Yes, it's fine to live on a per project basis. But it's even nicer if you set a monster goal for yourself. Something that will motivate you to ride according to a direction. When you're working towards a destination, it makes the ride all the more worth while. I shared that my mission is to empower freelancers by bringing RaketChick into the fore.

That said, I think I had a few gears in people's heads moving. And with that, my job is done.

Huge shout out once again to Writer's Block Philippines for giving me the chance to yap about what I'm passionate about. You guys rock.


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