RaketChick goes to Komikon!


Guys, this is the perfect time to talk about leaving all your windows and doors open for when opportunities come a-knocking. Heck, don't even wait for that knock. Let the opportunity in. No --GRAB AND DRAG THAT MUTHER IN!

Needless to say, Komikon was no way on my to-do list for the year. Not in my lifetime even. Yes, I love graphic novels and all. But to actually go to the event where all these incredibly creative authors and artists converge never ever crossed my mind.
So can you imagine my reaction when I was told I was going this weekend to Komikon 2017? And not just as a fangirl, mind you. But as an author?

I'm too overwhelmed to geek out right now. So just go to Komikon 2017, okay? I'll be the catatonic chick at the National Book Store booth. Oh, while you're there, get yourself a copy of RaketChick's WHATDA! ANONG PETSA NA?! A Freelancer's Sanity and Survival Planner.
Well, would you look at that. Apparently, my shocked state does not in any way impede my selling skills. Hehe...


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