I know, I know. I've been a no-show. Basically because my posts (and sometimes blogs) go directly to my RaketChick page. I should post them here, too, I realize that. I should really get my social media act together. *whimpers haplessly*

Today is special though. I'm going to tell you the foundation of RaketChick's character. That ONE answer to people's usual question: "WHY THE HECK DOES RAKETCHICK HAVE GUNS?!" And from the SJW lot, "YOU'RE PROMOTING VIOLENCE!!!"
Oh, people, please. Grab a bottle of flavored water and a chill pill.

Giving RaketChick a combative stance isn't something I plucked out of a hat. There is history and research to back that choice up. This information is right in my book, 7 STAGES OF... GOOD GRIEF! FREELANCER NA 'KO?!, but I'll do a little show and tell anyway. Here ya go!

Ze book

Ze excerpt

You didn't think I'd go into this life-changing endeavor without going full-on nerd, did you?

So that's where RaketChick and I are coming from:
1. Mercenary - which we freelancers really are
2. Battlefield - which freelancing really is
3. Guns - because a lance doesn't really apply in the modern world, does it? Just keeping it metaphorically real, folks. Haha!

Okay, so now you know. I bet that doubled your badassery feels, huh?
So rock that raket like John Wick without anger management, baybeeh!

PS. Shout out to the father of the word 'FREELANCE', Sir Walter Scott! Thanks for giving us the name, and the attitude.


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