RaketChick at the 2018 Philippine Readers and Writers Festival

After last year's Manila International Book Fair and Comicon, this time around, my publisher got me to join...


How insanely insane is that? I know it's alphabetical but do you even see the close proximity between me and Lualhati Bautista right now. *dies*

I was tasked to be part of an authors' panel and speak about my journey from being a corporate woman to being a creative woman for hire.

And you know I love talking about that journey. It's action-packed! It's something you talk about around the campfire at night! Next to writing, my other passion is talking non-stop --and I got to do it with these amazing, best-selling authors.

The very same authors I spent fancy time with after the event over some cocktails at the Writers' Bar. Suh-weet!

But you know what's even sweeter? There was a raging storm that day --but that didn't stop people from coming to Raffles Makati to be part of this wonderful annual affair. So thanks to everyone who came, listened, and had a great talk with all of us. Not to mention those who had me sign my books for them. Aaand those who tagged me, mentioned me, and messaged me right after. You guys are the absolute best!

Needless to say, Anvil Publishing and National Book Store, I love you, guys. Like serious, goony-level love you guys. *sniff*


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