Jumpstart Your Freelance Writing Career with RaketChick

Another public speaking engagement in the bag!
(Gahd, I love talking, it's ridiculous)

It was an honor to speak for Writer's Block Philippines again. And, for their flagship workshop at that! Yes, folks, I was the featured speaker for Writer's Block's most popular workshop, JUMPSTART YOUR FREELANCE WRITING CAREER, last September 1, 2018.


I went to town with a 13 REASONS WHY presentation deck because I love sensationilizing my deck titles. Haha!

I have fun in every talk I'm invited to, but this one was extra fulfilling for a bunch of reasons:

1. I got to speak for an hour! Woohoo! Hahahaha!

2. I got to present to a totally engaged, highly eclectic group. These were fresh grads who'd rather dive into independent work than go corporate; writers who have just quit their day jobs to venture into creative entrepreneurship; writers who want more in their careers; and retirees who still cannot let go of their passion to write even if they tried.

3. I had the pleasure to be at the heart of an extended Q and A. So many questions! Love, love that! That's interest to the moon and back!

4. And, I got to be part of Writer's Block's story pitch crtiquing session. It's like being an ECD again --which, I realize, was something I actually missed. You know, dissing an idea one minute, imparting knowledge the next. Hehe...

My only regret is not bringing my RaketChick books to the workshop. People were seriously looking for them. *sigh* RaketChick, I have failed yoooouuu!

Anyway, thanks to everyone who came to Writer's Block Philippines' JUMPSTART YOUR FREELANCE WRITING CAREER. That was a fun. wild ride!
Good luck, go get 'em, and hope to see you again soon!


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