I am pumped beyond reason for this brand new post, guys! So pardon me if I just gush all over the place.

I. Am. Going. To school!
MINT COLLEGE, to be exact. And that's just the coolest thing ever. I mean, to hold a workshop for young individuals with this much creative power in them is the biggest honor ever.

I'll be going through my own tried-and-tested formula for turning one's passion into profit. And hey --who wouldn't want that? The groundwork will be made out of these key modules.
Resetting your mindset.
Selling Yourself.
Being Legit AF.
Dealing with Difficult Clients.
Knowing your worth.

It's a 3-hour long event with fun activities in between so I hope that gets you all pumped up as well.

Oh, before I forget. We're not just keeping this a Mint student thing. Mint College is opening its doors to welcome walk-in participants who'd like to be a part of this workshop, too. For only P600. How ridiculously value-for-money is that?!

And, yes, RaketChick's WHATDA! ANONG PETSA NA?! A Freelancer's Sanity and Survival Planner will also be available to grace the day.

Speaking of days, save it on your calendars now.
The very first live RAKETKLASS: WORK-FOR-HIRE 101.
November 3, 2018.
9am to 12nn.
Mint Groove Rooms.

Just click here if you want in. No need to bring anything. Your wit, sponge-like brain, and your funny bone will suffice.

Catch you later, kids!


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