RaketChick Reco: ANAK NG PUTO!


Oh, I'll tell you.
I, my friends, had the great privilege to try out the hottest thing to ever happen in putopao history. ANAK NG PUTO! --and I mean that in a very, very good way.

ANAK NG PUTO! stands incredibly true to its tagline 'Puto with Putahe Inside'. Because, folks, this is no run of the mill putopao. We're talking about authentic, true blue, as-genuinely-flavorful-as-it-gets ADOBO, SISIG, DINUGUAN, CALDERETA and BARBECUE generously bursting inside each and every fluffy puto. Complete with savory sauce and tender meat chunks.

My top favorites battling for supremacy are SISIG and DINUGUAN.
Sisig because --dude, it's sisig.

And Dinuguan because --there's dinuguan right inside the goddamn puto! How insanely perfect is that?! How I never knew this was possible is beyond me!

Fresh from its Kalye Negosyo stints in Makati and BGC, ANAK NG PUTO hits QC next. You can check our their IG page for updates on this ongoing food tour. Or, you can simply call the number below for a fresh delivery.

If it hasn't been obvious yet --puto, pare!-- ANAK NG PUTO is a drop dead delicious RaketChick Reco.


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