Social Media Job Ads Workshop

Another day, another workshop.

It was a 2-day training session with CESWI (Center for Empowerment Seminars and Worshops, Inc.) at MicroSourcing MOA and MicroSourcing Eastwood. Oh, and that's 6 hours each day. Pretty grueling. But with a topic as exciting as 'Creating Effective Social Media Job Ads', everyone was game! We covered the different writing styles for Jobstreet ads, LinkedIn ads, Facebook posts, and Twitter posts. Many realized that they were closet graphic designers, too. Super fun ride!

I'm looking forward to putting more diversity into my workshops soon. Creativity is a huge playing field. And with the many industries and platforms I've been dabbling in, it would be cool to share some learnings.

Yeah, that's what old people do. :P

Thanks for having me, CESWI and MicroSourcing!


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