ZOOM BOOM: Freelance Writing in Quarantine

Right smack into our 45th day of Quarantine, when the thin film of disillusion and denial has teared and the new normal has finally come into full view, Writer's Block Philippines unleashes a ZOOM BOOM!

Okay, it's not as post-apocalyptic as it sounds. It's basically a webinar that drags you out of the fridge and back on your feet to get hustling! This webinar goes out to the freelance writers who fall under the No-Work-No-Pay-No-Ayuda Middle Class cap. If you've ever felt helpless --and we all know how freelancers hate it when they lose control --this is how you re-establish your right to the reins of life while on lockdown.

Save the date! April 30, 2020, 3pm, is when WBP's ZOOM BOOM: FREELANCE WRITING IN THE TIME OF ECQ AND BEYOND goes online.

It features guests Susan Claire Agbayani, Vice President of Freelance Writers Guild of the Philippines, and yours truly --Karen Ferry-Fernandez, the creative culprit behind freelancing badass, RaketChick. We'll talk about the impact the ECQ has had on the freelance writing industry, alternative sources of income, and grant opportunities.

That's a lot to take in but that's what we need right now.
Oh! And did I mention this thing is coming right at you for FREE?

On April 30, 2020.
At exactly 3:00 PM.
Meeting ID: 752 2556 9523

Catch you later!


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