Global Digital Freelancer

If you know me personally, you'd know that I'm perfectly fine speaking to a hundred of people from a stage. But put me in front of a camera and I freeze like Bambi in headlights. Yup. I have no explanation for that either. Lol!
After months of a good friend's persistent pushing, however, I finally bit the bullet. See how I face my Eisoptrophobia (yet to be confirmed) in the latest RaketChick webinar/tutorial.

Despite being a horribly delayed piece, this webinar comes brilliantly timed! It comes to you in the middle of the Covid-19 Quarantine period --an era in Earth history that has mankind trapped inside their homes and pushed into internet dependence. People lost jobs during quarantine. And for now, online jobs are their only ticket to survival. 

Well, this is RaketChick (and me) saying, "Don't stop there. If you're going digital, might as well go global!"
Some snippets:


And a link to the Global Digital Freelancer video. Because Blogger's new fancy format is too good to let me upload or embed. lol!

I hope you picked up something useful from this video. Something to help you boost your confidence as you slip into the so-called 'new (yet temporary) normal'. And don't lose hope. Always remember that as a freelancer, you've always thought out of the box for every moment a challenging situation tried to box you in. :)


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