WOOHOOO! I finally did that web series with interviews! I even stayed on cam for more than 5 minutes. Hahahaha! That's mainly the reason why I was a no-show on this blog the whole of October. I premiered one video per week. And like a woman on a mission, I stressed myself out to bring you each yummy, chunky content online without delay.

Backtrack: FROM INDIE TO ENTREP is a 4-part series that features 4 independent creative professionals who have successfully transitioned into entrepreneurship. This is something a lot of us are looking into being stuck at home --and RaketChick is all about supporting your journey.

First up was From Filmmaker To Audio System Builder of MANILA AUDIO and MANILA HIFI, MEL BULAONG.  He took us on his wild ride to Entrepreneurial Creativity and demonstrated how being out-of-the-box made his custom products stand out, not just on shelves but in the name of Pinoy pride.

Soon after, From Creative Director to Puto Pao Bossman, SAMMY PASAMBA of ANAK NG PUTO got us into the flashing lights of Creativity and Popularity. Your business can make easily make it to the level of top-of-mind and heart FAST when you put yourself out there --one guesting, one donation, and one advocacy at a time.

From Graphic Designer to Food Curator, GARI SALVADOR MENDOZA of THE PICK-A TABLE, on the other hand, showed us how having The Creative Drive trumps all adversaries. This echoes the philosophy that a freelancer should never put all his or her eggs in one basket. There is always a way, many ways.

Last but not the least, From Advertising and Marketing Consultant To Jewelry Designer, BERNICE RECTO of BERNICE RECTO JEWELRY gave us clear road signs to Creating Your Business Journey. It's inspiring to know how to get started and how to stay relevant at a time when your brand may not be a priority. 

You ready for an onslaught of business inspiration?  Click on each FROM INDIE TO ENTREP link! These videos are also on RaketChick's YouTube channel and RaketChick's IGTV.

Thanks, everyone! Whew! Now on to the next web series -- SWOOSH!


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