Another online series in the baaaaag! I might just get used to this. Hehe...

The DIGITAL DO-GOODERS holds a special place in my heart because I know people have been struggling mentally and emotionally in these times. We're all stuck at home. We're all stuck online. And as we all know, the digital space has become a breeding ground of negativity of late. That's why it got me totally pumped hunting for content creators that actually make a difference when it comes to mental wellness. And wouldn't you know it --there was a lot! 

First, there's YANNA GEMORA of yannasketches on Instagram. Since the pandemic started, she's been sharing her art which carried the unique power of empathy. Strongly targeting young adults, her mission is to create relatable web comics that make you feel more secure in your feelings right now. You're never alone whenever she posts.

Second is MELISSA PROFETA, entrepreneur and coach. Her Queens in Biz podcast on Spotify speaks to successful women to inspire female entreps all over. And with how a lot of professionals and homemakers alike have gone into putting up their own businesses, this podcast creates the perfect community for this new age of girl power.

Up nest is BERNICE RECTO, founder of Tarot Couture on Kumu. With her tarot cards combined with her strategic planning, she is able to give people who have lost their way during these confusing period in our lives --clarity and the possible direction they should take to find their footing again. In need of a 'pivot plan'? Bernice has one for you.

Wrapping up the series, we have YASSY T on Soundcloud. Singer, songwriter, and staunch supporter of mental health, she brings positivity to professionals who have fallen into that deep hole of negativity ... through song! Her music motivates you to find the good things in life despite challenges, so you can find happiness in your work and life again.

It's a pleasure and an honor to have these amazing individuals grace RaketChick's little show. What they do for our peace of mind is more than I could possibly churn out myself.

Likewise, it's a pleasure and an honor to have everyone watch us, too. I sincerely hope these episodes gave you the mental and emotional strength to get up and go on.  Of course, if you haven't seen these episodes, you can still watch them on RaketChick's DIGITAL GO-GOODERS playlist on Facebook. These will be uploaded to RaketChick's IGTV and YouTube channel soon, too.

Thanks everyone and see you on the next series!


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