Life In Quarantine in Poems and Pictures

If you follow me on my social platforms, you would know that I'be been on a massive supporting spree since the pandemic started. From badass freelancers to financially independent queens, from small yet blossoming entrepreneurs to online mental wellness heroes. 

Well, the support doesn't stop there.

This time, I'm giving all-out props to the incredibly talented students of One World School's Intermship and Transition Program. There is no doubt that education took the biggest hit in quarantine, with everyone forced to adapt to a stay-at-home digital way of learning. Well, in the middle of it all, these students thrived. Kids of all abilities found themselves discovering new talents they never knew they had.

Proof of that can be witnessed in this amazing event One World School is hosting. Lookit!

On April 29 2021, Thursday, at 4:00 PM, let these young, unique individuals read their self-written poems to you as you gaze through lovely photographs they took themselves. All these done in quarantine, and from the heart.

These kids don't stop there either. In fact, they made a children's workbook, too. Perfect for your little preschoolers. Yup, the ITP students have been very busy, productive, and happy. And those are the exact feelings they want to share with all of us as we navigate our own growth in quarantine.

You can help me support One World School's LIFE IN QUARANTINE IN POEMS AND PICTURES by donating any amount to this endeavor. Your donation gives you exclusive Zoom access to the April 29 event and a digital copy of the ITP students' masterpieces. Simply click I SUPPORT to donate. I, along with these kids, thank you and send you virtual hugs in advance.

Stay safe. Stay kind. Stay supportive.


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