How To Create A Creative Brief From The Perspective Of A Creative

Pandemic life has really slowed down my blogging. However, I assure you that I am still very active content creation-wise. In fact, I just got a new video up! I say this like I upload videos on the regular. Lol! 

Buuut enough about me! Today's video is all about the Creative Brief (or the lack thereof). 

Sadly, a lot of people we work with forego this valuable piece of document thinking that it's just a waste of time making one. I mean, they've already told you about the job requirement by phone, by chat, or by text. So what's the point in writing up a fresh doc just to repeat what you've already said, right?

Wrong. I can name two reasons why you need to write a Creative Brief.

1. It's our road map. Unless you want us to bug you past midnight, then it's better to write down details we can't always commit to memory or haphazard notetaking while you talk in hyperspeed on the phone..

2. Much like the contract, it's our black and white. It's the evidence that says we've got a serious project going on together. The big difference from the contract is that now, we get details of the job that needs to be done.

See how the word 'details' popped up in there a couple of times? That's how important it is. The Devil in the Details. The Devil wears Prada. Are you willing to risk making mistakes that could've been easily avoided if you hadn't thought the 'details' didn't deserve some official document time?


If I managed to convince you to finally get down and dirty and write that Creative Brief, don't even think it's going to be a daunting task. I got you covered there, too!

Scroll down, watch, enjoy. :)


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