Valentine's and Initiatives

It's Valentine's Day and I'm here to tweak an extra mushy post into something extra business-y.  Yes, I am that romantic.  But seriously, what Kalakal Kid did for me this year is one for the books on Public Display of Affection, and one for the volumes on Creative Initiative.  Let me explain why.

We're saving up for something huge.  So we made a pact that we shouldn't splurge on Valentine's gifts this Season of Mush.  We'll just have a simple dinner at home and reminisce on the good ol' days.  Fair enough.

Naturally, this rebel of a husband broke the deal.
It was late that night when I heard guitar-playing at the front gate.  Then, I heard singing --my husband's!  I was immediately on my heels, my heart thumping like a junkie's, when I tore the door open.  And there he was --Tough as nails Kalakal Kid serenading me for the whole neighborhood to see.

I melted.  Applauded.  Squealed like a high school girl.  (RaketChick does that every now and then)

If this were a client presentation, this man would win that most-coveted business pitch single-handedly.  Why?  Because most clients nowadays are in low-budget mode.  They don't expect anything fancy anymore.  Just the bare minimum.  So when a Raketista comes forward with more than what the client bargained for --it's just fireworks.  It's love at first sight.
Honestly, your creativity should never be dictated by budget.  There should still be ingenuity on your part.  Nothing horrendously breaking your personal savings account, but a little extra that says you care about your client's brand more than anyone else.  Your initiative can be simple, as long as it tugs on a client's heart strings.  And usually, it's the simple things that do.
Remember... Initiative is what sells you.  Initiative is what seals the deal.

I can vouch for that.  I mean, this wonderful man-o-mine just won my heart all over again.  (Yes, I went extra cheesy on that)


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