My ZALORA Wishlist

Freshly Zalora-Grand-Launch-partied, I have never felt more passionate about writing up a shopping wishlist.  Usually, my passion goes all out on writing hitlists --LOL!  But I digress.

I'm a Freelance Writer/Creative Consultant/Business Mercenary/Stress Magnet who's badly in need of a makeover.  All work and no fashion makes a sad workaholic.
Do I have the money?  Do I have the time?  Well... I have Zalora.  The country's leading e-shopping hub out to revolutionize e-commerce in the most conveniently chic way possible.  Pretty much what a no-time-for-ze-mall warrior like me needs.

Now, you're saying, "Hey, that's no biggie!  There's a lot of online shopping sources out there!"  So true, Mr. Smartypants.  But Zalora has EVERYTHING.  From fashionable clothes to fashionable gadgets to fashionable home fixtures.  I'm not just shopping for a personal makeover here... but for a life makeover.  Now how multitasking is that!

My Zalora Wishlist starts with me, of course -- with Runoni from Vesperine.

It will transform me from a professional who walks in slept-in clothes to something darn sleeker.

For my hubby, it has to be Breo's Bre Orb Watch.

So, from an art director who's always late for meetings in the War Room to Mr. Punctual.  (Sorry, honeymuffins. :P)

For my, er, Noisy Boy, there's the Bre De Janeiro headphones from Breo.

From loud to peace and quiet (at last!) while I finish my copy requirements at home.

Speaking of home, my little Tazmanian Devil just gotta have this adorable and sturdy Storage Box from 3 Sprouts.

For obvious reasons.

Quite a full cart?  I'm not done.  Zalora even has something for our little CHEWbacca:  Hartz' Flexa-Foam Roundabout Animals Gorilla Dog Toy!

From mayhem to bliss.  For the dog and for me.

Did you see what I did there?  We've just had a life makeover in a few clicks!  That's what you get when you Zalora-ize.

If you're a busy -yet insists on being fashionable 'til her last breath- bee, take it from me.  It's high time you clicked


  1. This is so cool. I love your drawings. Stick figure lang ata kaya kong gawin e. HAHA! Super mom ka talaga. Buong family mo inisipan mo ng ipagshoshopping. :P


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